Walking in “blind” – 3

To catch up, please also read Walking in “Blind” 1 and Walking in Blind -2 .

Adam decided that Jet no longer needed the blindfold – at least not just yet. After her shocking but much appreciated proclamation, Adam had stood, helped her to her feet, kissed her soundly, and they had both taken a short nap locked in each other’s arms. When they awoke, Jet had instinctively reached for a robe, but a quick clearing of his throat had her dropping her arm and glancing back at him.

“Habit,” she had murmured. “Are you hungry? I’ll go throw some sandwiches together.”

Adam grabbed his lounge pants. Just because he wanted Jet to be nude didn’t mean he had to be. Besides, it would be another small test for her if he were partially clothed while she was not. He thought about having them eat on their back patio – fully enclosed by a privacy fence – but decided not to push her that far. They could eat in the kitchen.

He sat on a stool at the kitchen counter, not taking his eyes off those lovely jewels dangling from Jet’s perfect nipples.

“Damn it!” she shouted!

“Jet,” he quietly said.

“Adam, it’s not my fault. I forgot the pickle!”

“And you think letting a cuss word slip for such a simple mistake is not your fault?”

Jet, to her credit, didn’t look down, but looked straight at him. She sighed, then answered, “No. It was my fault. I’m sorry.”

“Come here,” Adam directed as he stood up and pulled the stool forward. “Bend over.”


He raised an eyebrow. She did as he ordered. Looking at her, he decided to make this punishment a bit more humiliating.

“Since it was your mouth to blame, I’m going to tie a cloth over your mouth so you can’t speak. That will stay there until I finish my lunch. After, I’ll remove it and you may eat.”

Jet offered no complaint. “Next, I’m going to secure you to the stool. I might spank your pretty ass, or I may just keep you tied in place. The choice is mine. I rather like the idea of seeing you in this position,” he continued as he tied her in place, “while I enjoy my tea and sandwich sans pickle.”

Which is exactly what he did. He didn’t want to leave her in this position for too long as all the blood would rush to her head and she’d be quite dizzy. He was never one to linger over food, so within five minutes, he was helping her to sit upright. Nonetheless, he left her ankles and wrists bound.

“Thank you, Adam,” she humbly said once he had removed the cloth gag.

“For what?”

“For not letting me get by with cussing. I told you I wanted to stop doing that so often. I HATED being exposed like that, but it gave me time to think. So, thank you for that.”

Adam sat back and watched as Jet awkwardly at her lunch. He glanced at the clock. Six more hours left before he would ask her if she truly wanted to embrace the DD lifestyle. He was confident he knew the answer.

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