Walking in Blind -2

Jet was butter. Adam had massaged every inch of her with a delicious smelling, edible oil, then licked and kissed every part of her. She was relieved he wasn’t requiring her to stand up just yet.

“Perfect,” he whispered as he played with her rock hard nipples.

“I’m going to decorate your pretty buds. They won’t hurt and won’t restrict the blood flow, so you’ll be able to wear them a long time. Still, just to be safe, I’ll be removing them every so often. I might replace them with something else eventually.” Jet moaned and raised her back as Adam attached the first decorative jewelry items. He then sucked her bedecked nipple until she was thrashing about on the massage bed. Just when she was on the brink, he stopped, chucked, and said, “Perfect.” Now for the other side.

By the time he finished, Jet’s body was no longer her own. It was his.

“Well done!” Adam praised. Jet felt a gush of wetness dribble down her thighs. “Ready for your first fuck?”

He didn’t wait for an answer, but slowly eased himself inside of her. She clenched her muscle, pulling his cock in farther. Before he was even halfway in, she exploded with her first orgasm, crying out his name. She reached out her hands, but Adam pinned them above her head.

“No, no, Jet. I touch you today. You do not touch me.” She moaned. “But Adam. . . ” she whined.

Adam pulled out of her. She sat up, shocked, her mouth open. “You were given a command, Jet and you complained. That deserves a punishment. Now. Lie back down and spread your legs wide. Nodding slowly, she did so. Adam generously lubed up the waiting plug and spread Jet’s cheeks. “Scoot down a bit. I need your ass slightly off the bench. Keep your legs spread wide.” Jet complied and yelped when Adam slowly and meticulously inserted the plug.

Adam knew that while Jet wasn’t thrilled with this punishment, she was also not adverse to it because she had not said her safeword, and a fresh deluge of juice rushed from her tunnel. He smiled with satisfaction. He’d KNOWN she’d respond to this.

“Now, one more complaint and I’ll turn you over my knee. You don’t want that, do you?”

“No, Adam. I don’t.” 

“That’s my girl. Now, we’ll keep that plug in place until we have both found our pleasure.”

To Jet’s relief and disappointment, that didn’t take long at all.

“Adam!” she cried out, her body exploding into a million pieces, realigning, and exploding again. She felt the hot spurts of Adam’s explosion filling her body. Lights danced around her as she fell through to another level of joyous delight. Slowly, she came back to herself, thrilled with Adam’s weight on top of her, his arms around her, his breath against her neck.


“hmmwmhemm?” he murmurmed.

“May I please take the blindfold off? Just for a moment. I need, really need to look at you. Please?”

Adam raised his exhausted body off of hers immediately. “What’s wrong?” he asked as she also sat up. Adam tugged the blindfold off.

Jet scrambled off the massage table to kneel beside it. She looked up at the man who had become her whole world.

“Nothing is wrong, my love. I just need you to see my eyes so you know I am about to speak the truth. I love you. So very, very much. I want this to continue as we agreed, but I also want you to know that I am not just agreeing to this because it’s something YOU want. I want this as well. Yes, the sex was amazing. But more than that, I have never felt so complete, so right with myself, as I do when I give control over to you. Please, Adam, do NOT go easy on me. Push me. Hold me to our agreement. I absolutely WANT this feeling of rightness to last.”

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