Trust in Him

“I don’t want a tattoo on my breasts!” Jeanette whined. Never before had Will pushed so heard.

“Will you trust me?” he asked quietly.

“I DO trust you, it’s just that I don’t want. . . ” she muttered.

He held up a hand. “Look, if you truly want this DD to work, you need to trust me. This is a test to see if you can do that. So, what’s it to be?”

Jeanette bit her lip and looked down while she thought. Yes, she really did want to be in a DD relationship. Every since Will had introduced the concept about 6 months ago, she had experienced less anxiety and more joy than she had known possible. Still, she did NOT want a permanent tattoo! Will knew that. He KNEW that. He knew that and had promised never to do anything truly against her will. A light went off in her head and she looked up at him. Did she trust him to keep that promise?

“I submit,” she said in a firm, yet shaky voice.

“Good,” Will responded before directing her into the Maintenance Room. Before entering the room, Jeanette removed her clothing as part of protocol. Upon Will’s direction, she lay down on the bed, now covered with a plastic sheet. He directed her to spread her legs wide and to put her hands behind her head. Once in position, she was not allowed to move without permission.

Will walked to the door and opened it, allowing a beautiful woman into the room. She was dressed in scrubs and carried a case. “Jeanette, this is Miranda. She will be attending to you. Remember, do not move without permission from me. If you need something, ask, otherwise, please only speak when spoken to. Agreed?”

Jeanette gulped. “Agreed.”

Miranda pulled out a beautiful stencil which she placed on Jeanette’s right breast. Next, she began to mix up a powdered dye. Henna. Jeanette blushed, knowing she should have trusted Will from the get go. She did not want a PERMANENT tattoo, but had no problem with a temporary one. Will smirked back. After two hours, her breasts were beautifully covered in intricate henna designs.

“Keep the Henna in place for as long as possible. Here is a container of lemon sugar water which you can gently put on the paste as it dries out. I recommend leaving it in place for at least 2 hours, but the longer it is on, the longer it will stay dyed. The lemon may irritate the nipple temporarily, but I promise, it is perfectly safe,” Miranda explained to Will.

Once Miranda had left, Will stood over Jeanette. “What have you Learned?”

“To trust you. Will, I’m so sorry.”

“Do you feel your lack of trust deserves a punishment?”

Miranda knew the answer. She had known the answer the moment she had agreed. “Yes. I know you would never force me to do something I didn’t want to. I know that. I just didn’t truly believe it in my heart and soul. I do now, but I deserve to be punished for my lack of trust.”

“I agree. Sadly, I don’t want you to move much and take the chance of disturbing the designs, so turning over is out of the question.” Jeanette paled. “Do you need me to tie your ankles to the bedposts?”

“Most likely, yes,” she whispered.

Will held up a small container. Jeanette closed her eyes a moment, opened them, looked at Will and nodded her acceptance.

“I will apply the lemon sugar mixture to your designs twice. At that point, I will also apply more of this ginger past to your clit, labia, and rim your anus with it. Both will be uncomfortable, but neither is harmful to you in any way. I don’t want to hear one complaint. Once we have completed this, you may shower to remove the pastes. At that point, I will administer spanking. If you’ve behaved, I will then fuck your lady hole. If you have complained, I’ll take your ass. Also, you will not wear anything to cover those breasts while you are in the house until the designs are completely faded. Agreed?”

Jeanette whimpered, but felt her body relax, knowing she had earned this punishment. “Agreed.”

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