Broken Rules

This was not my fault (which, of course, is code for it was totally my fault!). Milord arrived home MUCH (like 15 minutes) earlier than I anticipated and I was downstairs cleaning (or playing on the computer) so I didn’t hear him. By the time I noticed the footsteps coming down the steps, it was too late. He’d been home about half an hour and I was still wearing clothing and had not inserted a plug as per our 2021 House Rules. This meant not one but two rules had been broken.

As soon as I heard Milord, I rushed to strip out of my clothing, but I knew it was too late. I knelt before him, my blouse unbuttoned (thank the gods I had removed my underclothing when I got home from work!) and my breasts exposed.

“Milord, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you come in and I wasn’t paying attention to the time. I am totally unprepared in every way,” I admitted to him.


I unzipped his work trousers and took his flaccid cock in my hands. He reached down to slap my left breast.

“No hands. Just your mouth. Now suck me off. I don’t want to be distracted while I punish you.”

I whimpered, but dropped my hands, clasping them together so that I wouldn’t be tempted to touch him. I took him in my mouth and sucked until his base met my lips. He grasped my hair and pulled back slightly. I looked up at him, just as he liked. He began to fuck my mouth which left me little to do. He used my mouth as he would my puss, slamming his cock down my throat, gagging me slightly. Tears welled in my eyes and he smiled down at me. Soon, he emptied himself down my throat. I swallowed convulsively, desperate to please him by taking in every drop.

“Good. Now, get your body naked. I’ll be waiting for you in the Discipline Room.”

I obeyed quickly, undressing while I watched him stride purposefully in the Room. I followed as soon as I was naked. He simply pointed to the spanking bench. I knelt on it as he strapped me in place. He began with a fierce hand spanking to warm my skin. Then, the true punishment began.

I heard him remove his belt. “You will repeat the two rules your broke after each stripe,” he instructed.

“I will be undressed within ten minutes of your arrival home. I will have a plug of my choosing inserted when you arrive home.”

After the sixth stripe, my words were barely sensible and my ass was on fire. Four more stripes and he stopped, rubbed his hand down my fevered cheeks and patted gently.

“Well done. Now, for part two.” He spread my cheeks and began inserting a very cool lube. Then, the heat started and slowly became very, very intense. I wiggled and moaned.

“Now, now. You need a reminder to plug yourself, don’t you? Yes. You do. So, I’ve added a bit of freshly grated ginger to our lube, my love. It’s going to feel like your insides are burning, but it’s perfectly safe. Now, open wide.”

I felt the tip of my most hated plug – the one with the four petals which open – press against my anus. It’s a difficult plug to insert and quite uncomfortable. It also sports an open hole through its center. Eventually, Milord had the hateful thing in place and I couldn’t decide which I disliked (but secretly loved) more – my burning ass cheeks, the fiery lube, or the plug which stretched me to my limit.

“Good,” Milord stated. “Now, I’m going to fuck that sweet puss of yours. You, however, will not come.” I gulped audibly. “I, however, might. If I do, I will pull out and spray my white come all over your red ass. It will stay there until your morning shower. Do you understand?”

He was really asking if I agreed. I could beg for a different punishment at this point. “I do, Milord,” I murmured.

“Excellent.” His cock entered my dripping wet puss.

“The plug is staying in until tomorrow morning as well.”

He began pumping, thrusting in and out of my very happy puss. I had to bite my cheek and clench my fists to keep from coming.

“I don’t want you to get dried out there, however, so I’ll be adding more ginger infused lube through that open passage throughout the evening and before bed.”

His voice was getting husky.

“In the morning, after I remove that big, nasty plug, I’ll fuck your ass and come in it.”

I sobbed, not from his punishment, but from my blinding need to come.

“Then, only then, you’ll be allowed to come. Understood?”

He pulled out and the searing heat of his cum splashed against my ass.

“I do, Milord. I do.”

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