In or Out – Day 7

In or On – Day 6 I KNEW today would be the culmination of everything. Milord did not disappoint. Yesterday when I woke he, again, made love to me. Beautifully and sweetly. He came in my puss, which is my FAVORITE. Then, to make sure it stayed, he inserted a round dildo which I just knew wouldn’t stay in place.

Humming quietly to himself, he also lubed up a round plug and added that. I was so full I was downright uncomfortable. Isn’t it odd, though, how being uncomfortable can also be so very comforting?? What I didn’t realize was that the two were actually attached to each other. Female Anol Vagina Double Ball Plug in Steel ...

He then had me stand and tied a rope harness to the loops, thus ensuring that they would remain in place. This was all I wore while we enjoyed a simple breakfast of toast and tea.

“Comfortable?” he asked with a knowing smirk on his face.

“No,” I answered with a satisfied smile on mine.

“Down to the dungeon, my love. I fear it’s going to be a long day for you.”

Giggling, I obeyed. Soon, I was tied to the St. Andrew’s Cross and well flogged on both my backside and front. Ever nerve in my body was alive with need. However, I knew that as long as the plugs were inside of me, I would not be fucked again.

While still bound to the Cross, Milord pulled and twisted my already pierced nipples. He replaced the discrete piercings I usually wear with ones that elongated my nips. Again, they were uncomfortable, but did not harm or hurt in any way. I began to babble, begging him to grant me an orgasm. I looked down and saw a dark spot on the concrete caused by my excitement literally dripping out of me.

He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back. “No.”

He then called upstairs for someone to “enter”. I wanted to die of humiliation, but I couldn’t even look down as he was still holding my hair.

“Here she is,” Milord said. He looked directly into my eyes as he continued. “She will not speak or look down.” I gave a small not of my head at which He smiled. “Take your time as you apply the henna tattoos as we discussed.”

“Yes, sir. Remember, she must remain still for at least 1 hour, during that time. As you do not wish for coverage on her arms, she will need to drop those occasionally to maintain blood flow, but the rest of her body should remain as motionless as possible. As the henna dries, apply the lemon juice so it remains moist and will, therefore, result in a darker shade which will last longer,” the woman explained to Milord, completely ignoring me.

She applied henna to my breasts, belly, back, ass, and inner thighs. It took close to an hour for her to complete the design. Milord did, bless him, release my arms and allowed me to shake them out for several minutes. The St. Andrew’s cross, which he made himself, is hinged at all joints. When he again bound my wrists to them, he lowered the arms so that the blood would not be restricted. Once the woman was finished, He thanked her, she gather her materials, and left. Milord said nothing to me, in fact, he ignored me, which made me eve more conscious of the drying henna on my skin, my stretched nipples, and the balls inside my vagina and anus. I began to cry simply from the need to be touched. The need to come.

After a few minutes Milord came to me, kissed me, and barely touched the henna.

“Some is drying. Time to add the lemon juice.” He took his time, a process which seemed to take forever. I glanced down, which, naturally, he saw. Frowning, He blindfolded me and said, “Once this is dry, you’ll get a true punishment for that mistake.”

I bit my lip and nodded. Now I was bound, uncomfortable, and blind for what seemed like forever. Eventually, he came to me and said, “Now. Hold very, very still. I’m going to take my knife and carefully slide the dried henna from your body to reveal the design which, hopefully, will mark you for several weeks.”

I felt the metal slide on my skin and even though I knew perfectly well that the “knife” he uses on me is ground dull and couldn’t possible cut, I remained stock still. Finally, he finished. He unbound me and led me across the room where I knew stood a large mirror. He removed the blindfold and I gasped. My body was a work of art. I spun around and looked over my shoulder. My back and ass were just as lovely.


Beautiful Belly Henna Tattoo Idea #bellytattoo

“Yes. Wow. Now, I had considered releasing your bottom holes, but you had to break a simple rule of not to look, didn’t you? So – I suppose it’s time to see how well the tat looks on reddened skin. Over to the bench with you.”

I nodded and silently went to the spanking bench. This was a punishment, so there would be no warm up. I heard his belt come loose from his trousers and bit my lip. After twenty five blows, I was sobbing and my ass on fire, but I felt free. He stood in front of me, as is our custom, and stepped out of his pants. I thanked him for the discipline by sucking and worshipping his cock until he came. He released down my throat, so I knew I had been forgiven.

He helped me up and then told me to go upstairs and put on a dress. We were going out for dinner. I blushed, but did as he said. We went to an expensive Italian place which was not known for its quick service. The dress hid everything, but I had to sit still with the rope holding in my two balls for nearly 2 hours!

We finally arrived home and He ordered me into the bedroom. “Be naked and on the bed, ass up on two pillows.”

Naturally, I obeyed. When he came in he ran his hand over my still tender cheeks and said, “The henna stands out beautifully on a tanned backside. Nice.”

He first used my puss, loving it slowly and passionately. I came at least four times. Then, he gathered up my own juices and lubricated my anus. Taking his time, he eased into me. When he was fully seated, I moaned. he leaned down and asked, “Happy?”

“Milord, I have never felt so well used, loved, or wanted as I have this week. Happy does not come close to describing what I feel.”

He laughed, and made love to me again, this time using my ass until we both found bliss. He turned me over and removed the nipple extenders, causing me to breathe a sigh of relief. My nipples, though, were HUGE!! He kissed each one and said, “These are perfect. Next week, no bra. For any reason.”

My eyes widened, but I said, “Yes, Milord. As you wish.”

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