Keeping Maintenance Interesting

I love when King gives me challenges. Last week I complained that the Maintenance Saturdays were becoming too routine. That was when he handed me $20.00 and tasked me with buying materials and making something that would make them more “interesting.”

I did my research and dug into my childhood memories of making all kinds of things with jute – plant hangers, necklaces, anklets. After going to the local craft store, I got to work. I made a combination johnny loopy, paddle, flogger thing. I was actually pretty proud of the results until, that is, it was show time.

Saturday morning arrived and I showered, cleaned EVERY orifice, shaved everything, and went to King’s office where I waited for him to arrive. I stood in front of his desk with my gift all wrapped up in pretty gold paper with a bright red ribbon.

He came in, ignored me, and sat at his desk. Slowly, he opened my offering. He held it in his right hand then tested it by slapping it against his inner thigh several times. He looked up at me, grinned, and nodded.

“You’ve done well. Once I finish with your warm up, we’ll try this. Now, bend over the desk with your tits flat, feet as wide as possible.”

I did as he ordered and blushed from the pride I felt at his compliment.

He began by spanking me gently then gradually increased the speed and force. Once he was satisfied, he said, “Whom do you belong to?”

SLAP. I gasped. I knew from my research that this would sting, but holy cow!!! “you sir.”



“You, my King.”

I felt the tears spring to my eyes already!

“Is this your choice?”

SLAP “Yes, my King.”

I clenched my fingers around the edge of the desk.

“Repeat your vows.”


“I will obey your commands.”


“I will confess any disobedience.”


“I will be honest with you at all times.”


“I will accept your hand for both pleasure and discipline.”


I was sobbing and wiggling from one foot to the other. What the hell had I done to myself???

“I will mirror your love and respect for me.”


He let me cry for a bit then ran a strong, soft hand down my back before leaning over me. “Excellent. I LOVE this gift. Regrets?”

“No, my King,” I sobbed in replay.

He kissed my neck and said, “Your ass is beautifully rosy. I was to enjoy the view while I do a bit of work. Go stand in the corner. Do not rub your ass. I’ll set the timer for ten minutes. After that, you can than me for the discipline by sucking my cock before I fuck that perfect ass of yours.”

I stood and wiped my tears, a slow smile on my face.

“One more thing, did you find today’s maintenance mundane?”

I risked standing on my tiptoes and kissing his cheek before heading to the corner. “No, my King. I found it perfect.

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