Anal Discipline x 2

He had me reread Anal Discipline – completed. This particular punishment had happened over 2 years ago, which is a long ass time! Still, as intense as it was, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson. but no. Not me. I just had to push. About a week ago I got mad at Mister because he came home late from work – which wouldn’t have been a problem but he didn’t let me know that and I had made a very delicate shrimp dish which was rubber and gross by the time he got home. He apologized and we ended up throwing away the shrimp and just eating the salad. Since then, I’ve been mouthy, stubborn, and worse, ignoring his texts. So. Here I am, draped over locked a brand new spanking bench.

Adjustable Spanking Bench image 0

The devices was totally adjustable. Once strapped in, my legs could go from tightly together to spread widely apart. My arms adjusted similarly. My hips could remain level or pulled up, giving accesses to wherever Mister wanted to be. He began in front of me, holding a bar of Ivory soap. I closed my eyes, knowing what was heading my way. He unzipped his trousers and exposed his cock. I licked my lips.

“That’s it. You’re going to suck me off, my bad little slut, until I have three soap sticks all nicely carved. By the end of tomorrow, you’ll have had all three where they belong.” He continued, but I didn’t answer as my mouth was now full of delicious cock. For the next twenty four hours, you will primarily be strapped to this bench. You’ll have a few breaks to stretch and nap. Of course, you’ll sleep over there,” he pointed over toward the single bed in the corner of our “dungeon.” Slowly, he slipped the first soap stick into my anus. I moaned.

“Yes, that’s unpleasant, isn’t it. Don’t even think of taking your mouth away until you’ve made me come. That’s better. I’m close, so focus.”

He grabbed the back of my hair close to the scalp and thrust in deeply. I gagged, but couldn’t move. A moment later, his sweet, hot cream shot down my throat and he gave my ass one hard slap before stepping back and tucking himself back inside his jeans. H could turn my head, watching him as he picked up a bucket and moved it, I assumed, between my legs. I closed my eyes, knowing what that meant. He patted my ass and said, “There you go. I’m going to watch a bit on the telly, love. I’m sure I’ll hear when you’re ready for the next step in your – re-training shall we say.”

I closed my eyes, wanting to crawl away. Could this possibly be more humiliating?? With my legs spread, I had no way to control what would surely come pouring out of me – fairly soon given the amount of cramping that had begun! Sure enough, about 20 minutes later, after an intense cramp and an ignoble splash, Mister turned off the telly and came up behind me. Using a water hose on low strength, he washed off the area and dumped the bucket, rinsing that as well.

There was a knock on the door and I jerked to look at him as best I could. He ignored me and went to the door. “Wesley! So glad you could join me. Come on in. I’ve got her all set up.”

Wesley. His cousin. Shit. Wesley was funny, intelligent, and merciless when it came to discipline.

“Great. Well, shall I start?” he asked.d

“Yes. You first. I’ve just given her mine in the mouth. I’ll need a bit longer to recharge.”

“Perfect. The soap should have cleaned her out well for the moment. Does she know the plan?

“Nope. Not in detail anyway. Thought that might add to her punishment.”

“Excellent. So, Joy, you’ve been a naughty little slut haven’t you? Don’t answer that. Speak only to use your safeword or when we specifically give permission to do so.” He ran his hand up my completely exposed slit. I heard some shifting of clothing and assumed he was disrobing. “Apparently, you’ve been a royal pain in Mister’s ass lately,” He thrust his cock balls deep into my anus. I screamed and fisted my hands, but strapped in as I was, I couldn’t move, which, in all honesty, I wouldn’t have anyway. “So, he has decided that an appropriate punishment would be to discipline your ass until it’s in just as much pain.”

Mister was standing in front of me and I craned my neck to look up at him, tears streaming down my face. He held a shockingly large silicone butt plug and a bottle of peppermint oil. He smiled down at me as his cousin fucked my ass. Now. Now I understood. For the next 24 hours, more if I continued to misbehave, my ass, anus, and mouth would be used by these two indominable me. Wesley’s cock was enormous and he fucked without regard for my own comfort. Despite this, or maybe because of it it, I screamed with pleasure, my body trembling with the pure joy of primal pleasure. Soon, I felt Wesley shoot his hot spume deep inside of me as well. Before I could recover, he was standing in front of me, dripping cock in his hand. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and accepted his dirty cock inside my mouth. Meanwhile, Mister was behind me inserting the peppermint covered plug. I squealed, receiving a sharp slap on my ass for a reward. When Westly felt I had cleaned him well enough, he stepped back and replaced his cock back in his trousers. Mister had the plug fully seated inside of.

“That peppermint will burn for about half an hour or so. Enjoy it, slut. Because the next thing to go in your smart ass will be another soap stick and we know what will happen after, don’t we,” Mister explained. “In the meantime, Wes, how about a game of pool. I just need to replace her bucket.”

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