“Are you comfortable,” he asks.


“Are you in pain?”


I wiggled a bit and grinned at him. No, I was neither in pain nor comfortable. I was horny as hell, unable to NOT think about what was snaked up my anus for a single moment. Yesterday morning began with a quick, fast, hard fuck which culminated in both of us orgasming within minutes. That was just the prelude to the weekend.

He pats his lap and I sigh. He glares. I blush and dutifully climb on top. I’m naked and have been since yesterday morning. For Valentine’s weekend, I rashly promised him that I would obey any three commands he gave. 1. I would be nude the entire weekend. 2. My ass would be remain Valentine Day’s red. 3. I would say no to nothing (although I could use my safeword).

“Poor ass. It’s just has a slight blush,” he remarked as he began what seemed like my 100th spanking of the weekend. I was so conditioned that the moment his hand came down on my rear I began to grind my mound against his leg. By the time he reached a count of 25 I was coming, my fingers clenched against the hardwood floor, my thighs drenched, my body quivering with need and joy. After 50 swats, he was satisfied with the color of my skin. I slid down between his legs, freed his cock, and began to show my gratitude. Again, I felt a wave of pleasure washing over me. He just tasted so freaking good!

“Ride me,” he commanded.

Eagerly I hopped up, my legs splayed across his thighs, my arms around his neck, and my open cave poised over his staff. He held my hips tightly and pushed me down, impaling me on his cock.

“Still feel those beads?” he asked, his voice harsh and raspy.


“Want them to stay in longer”

I started to say NO then remembered my promise. I was not allowed to say No – only to use my safeword – and there was no need to use that. I was in no pain, no danger. After our fast and furious lovemaking the morning before and my promise to him, he had gone down on me, eating me out while slowly inserting anal beads. This was not a surprise since he often did this. What was a surprise, however, was the length of the beads. They just kept going and going and going. Only after I orgasmed again did he come up for air.

“How long is that set of beads you just put in me?” I asked.

“Twenty four inches. And they’ll stay there until I take them out. If you need to poo, you will tell me. I’ll take them out, but after you finish, you’ll clean them and relube them. I’ll put them back in.”

I started at him, incredulous, feeling every bit of those 24 inches. “But you know how horny they make me!”

He grinned.

Now, well over 24 hours later, I still had them in me and I couldn’t get enough of his cock. I rode him, screaming his name, coming again all over his cock. He held me tight, flipped me over onto the couch, and thrust himself in and out of me.



“Want me to keep going?”

‘YES!!” I screamed with no hesitation.

He bend down, sucking one nipple and twisting the other while I gasped and clawed his back. Suddenly, he threw his head back and growled, emptying himself inside of me. Once he finished, I squirmed out from under him, kneeling again on the floor. I licked his cock, savoring the flavor of his cream mixed with my honey. When I was sure I had licked up every drop, I lay my head against his thigh, content despite the soreness between my legs.

“You know, I had planned on taking those beads out tonight, but Valentine’s Day won’t technically be over until midnight. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow morning so that they will have been in you for 48 hours. Would that work for you?”

I looked up at him adoringly. “Yes.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day day, my love.”

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