King’s Court

Shiela knew what had been in store for her. She’d read the script – the actual script King had written and she had edited. Actually, it was more of a detailed scenario rather than a script with assigned lines. To begin, was the trial. She was, nonetheless, a tad bit nervous which added to her excitement.

I would be stripped of all clothing then taken to the “judgement tree.” King and his Court would there make their accusations. Naturally, I was not allowed to speak, even in my own defense.

The charges were announced, the court gave evidence against me and the judge, King, decided my fate. I was indeed guilty of backtalking my Dominant, wearing inappropriate underclothing (plain white panties), and of neglecting to adhere to various points of agreed upon protocol. 

The court discussed several options for my punishment and came to an agreement. Twenty minutes in the stocks, followed by twenty minutes seated on the log bench, followed by twenty minutes kneeling. For three repetitions. I bowed my head, tears flowing down my face and I was locked into my first rep of the stocks. 

Obviously, while in the stocks, King and his Court had full access to everything. A series of stairs had been placed between my legs so that my openings were at the perfect height for both penetration and access to my mouth.

While one member of the Court availed himself of my puss, another twisted and pinched my nipples. The men freely discussed my attributes, King pointing out the beauty of my body but the need to adjust my mindset. As soon as the first man had emptied himself over my back – only King was allowed to pump his seed into my body – another stepped up, gathered the natural lubricant onto his fingers and pressed in into my tighter pucker. I moaned and my nipples were twisted harder. 

“This your warning Miss Sheila. Moaning, screaming, crying are all allowed. But only your safeword is allowed to pass from your lips. Anything else, and the time for that rep will start over.” 

I moaned as the second man pressed his length into any anus. My nips were released, but then a soft suede whip began to lash my dangling breasts. Tears dripped down my face.

The second man finished his business and I was released but not before a plug was pushed into my hole. I was helped to my seat – a rough, bark covered log where I was given a bottle of water and told to finish the entire bottle then to look down and not move. I obeyed, knowing I’d need the hydration.

Next can the kneeling – on a bed of dried pine needles. For twenty minutes my mouth was filled with cock and my face and chest covered with the evidence of the men’s pleasure. 

There was no consideration given to my pleasure, nor should there have been. Despite this – or because of it – I could barely control the need for my own release. The scent of pine now mixed with the musky scents of semen and my own undeniable pleasure.

“You see my friends, Miss Sheila thrives on this. Watch. When next she is in the stocks I will give her permission to come at will. If she enjoys fewer than 8 orgasms I’ll be shocked.”

I moaned. Soon, I was helped to my feet and again locked in the stocks.  This time, the suede flogger was applied to my swollen lady parts and just as King had predicted, I came. The men laughed uproariously and once again I was fucked in my pussy, the plug still filling my ass. Twice, because of all the water I had to drink, I peed, which caused the men to laugh and make disparaging comments, all of which both humilitated and excited me.

By the time I had served my punishment, King had been proven correct. I had come well over 8 times. I was so exhausted he had to carry me back to our home. My body was a mess of dried cum covering red welts, my nipples swollen and bright as cherries, and my lady parts as wet and open as welcoming cave. Before being allowed into the house, though, I had to endure (enjoy) one more ordeal. 


King carried me into a back shed where he positioned me standing, hands against the wall, back flat, legs wide. He removed the plug. He, then, He himself offered me my final humiliation. He plunged himself into my ass, using me as only he can.

The court cheered him on. I screamed, my face more a mess than my body as I was wracked by the pleasures of his glorious cock inside of me. Over and over I came, biting my lip so hard it bled in an effort to keep from calling out his name. Within moments, I felt the scalding proof of his forgiveness shooting into me. I lay my forehead against the rough wall and sobbed. 

Then screamed as buckets of cold water were thrown over my quivering body.

“You really didn’t think you’d be allowed in the house as filthy as you were, did you?”

A warm towel was wrapped around my body and once again I was in King’s arms.

“Your punishment is over, my love. You may speak. Was it everything you imagined?”

“Yes, my King. Thank you,” I murmured before nodded off to sleep.

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