His Beneath

Propriety is important. Protecting the innocent and un-initiated is important. Not intentionally offending anyone’s sensibilities – difficult as it is these days – is important. Which is why when I am in public I maintain every possible outwardly visual of accepted culture propriety.

I rarely wear jeans anymore. I often, though, wear slacks, leggings, tunics, and more often than not – dresses or skirts and sweaters, tanks, or blouses depending on the weather. I wear heels, flats, boots, sneakers. My make-up is understated and my hair simply kept.

But beneath? Well, What Lies Beneath – 2, that’s an entirely different story now isn’t it. Beneath is private, personal, and totally what He chooses. Why? Because I choose to give Him that power.

This morning before dressing for work, for example, He used my ass. Made love to it, adored it, and blessed it with the gift only He can give. To make sure I remembered His gift, He inserted a plug which only He can remove. He then gave me two hard swats with a wooden paddle, the word “owned” now emblazoned across both cheeks. I wear the “panties” he He has chosen, the little jewel occasionally thumping against my clit reminding me of His touch. My nipples are forced into erectness, brushing in both an irritating and alluring manner against my well padded bra.

I am His. Beneath. Always.

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