Lesson in Humility

That lovely, delicious feeling of warm cum trailing down your inner thigh. There really is no substitute for that to make a woman feel sexy, wanted, powerful, and appreciated. Well, there’s no substitute for ME to feel like that.  

Which was exactly why Milord added a new rule to Updated House Rules.

Cum may not be washed or wiped off the submissive’s body until it has thoroughly dried. With this in mind, should Milord choose to allow cum inside of said submissive’s, said submissive will only be allowed to wear a dress or skirt and blouse if clothing is allowed at all.

This morning, Milord did, indeed, made love to me and came inside of my puss. Now, I am wearing a long skirt, sweater, socks, and boots. This was quite generous of Milord because normally I am only allowed to wear 2 items of clothing with the addition of footwear only if we are going out – which we were. 

As we sat at the cafe table on the sidewalk in front of our favorite coffee shop, I could feel the cried cum pull slightly on my skin. I couldn’t stop the grin. I had something no other person on earth did right now. It was mine. Milord, naturally, noticed my smugness, so when we arrived home, he had no choice but to instill a bit of humility in me.

“When you step out of the car, leave your clothing – all of it – in the garage. I think you’ve had enough of clothing for the day.”

I lowered my eyes and obeyed. Even though the garage is attached to the house and there was no chance of anyone seeing me, I still hated (but secretly loved) being so exposed. 

Once inside, Milord unzipped his jeans and I knelt to attend to his cock. I adore the taste of his flesh even when he causes me to gag from his powerful thrusts. He reached down and pinched my nipples, causing me to yelp (well, sort of. I mean my mouth was VERY full). He kept the pressure on my nips and denied me the use of my hands all while fucking my mouth. Within a moment I came. This pleased him, but he was setting a slow, steady pace, in no hurry to find his own pleasure. My jaw was aching and tears were flowing down y cheeks, proof of both my own pleasure and discomfort. Eventually, he came, granting me the joy of drinking his cum. 

However, he pulled out quickly and I yelped again as precious drops of his sweetness dripped onto my breasts.

“Oh no, isn’t that a shame. You know you’re supposed to swallow it all,” he mockingly scolded as he tucked himself back into his jeans and pulled out a kitchen chair.

Nodding, I crawled to him and arranged myself over his lap. He administered a fine spanking which had me sobbing quietly within minutes, my body completely relaxed and my mind in a beautiful haze. He finished and held me close. 

For the rest of the day I completed various household chores, nude and pink assed with a lovely spattering of his love marking my body.

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