Accepting what He gives

He held Clara. Just held her. One hand one her had the other rubbing her back in slow circles. Her breathing had calmed, but she needed aftercare. The session had been intense. In fact, she still held the peppermint oil coated plug in her ass. The burn had abated, but the plug would stay in place for at least another hour. 

He looked down, pleased that her nipples were still a brilliant pink and quite puffy. They should be. He’d sucked on them with his mouth, attached little suction cups to them, and then, after he had allowed her to cum twice, had placed clothespins on them. He felt himself harden thinking of how her breasts had swayed as he’d placed her on all fours and spanked her for fifteen minutes straight. Only after her ass was a brilliant red did he insert the metal plug lubed with the peppermint oil and flipped her over on her back.

He’d lifted her legs to his shoulders, plunged his cock deep inside her hot, drenched tunnel and yanked the pins off her blood deprived nipples. She’d screamed his name and tried to press her hands against her aching nipples. This earned her several slaps to her gorgeous breasts. Her hands had quickly gripped the brass of their headboard and she’d begged his forgiveness. 

He’d watched as tears flowed down her face, the burn of the peppermint combining with all the other sensations he’d just given her. He pulled out, not wanting to come too soon, and knelt above her. She opened her mouth instinctively. Slowly, he eased his cock down her throat. When she gagged, he paused, allowing her to accommodate his length. He eased down a bit more. A bit more. A bit more. Until he was balls deep in her hot mouth, his crown down her throat. 

“That’s it, Clara. Work your throat to massage my cock. You love this, don’t you. You love being treated like my fuck toy.” She blinked twice, her eyes agreeing with my words. “Because,” I eased my cock out slowly, “that’s what you are.”

She tried to suck my length back down her throat, but when I pulled out, she lifted her head so that she could suck and lick and kiss my balls. Eventually, I returned to her weeping pussy. I bent my head as I drove myself into her body, clasped one of those tender nips with my teeth and bit. She screamed. I twisted the other with my fingers, pinching it hard. She exploded around my cock, drenching me with your sweetness.

Then, it was my turn. My turn to shoot every joy I had ever felt straight into her hot, tight, welcoming depths.

Now, I know she is sore and tender. I also know that shortly she will, without complaint, with full eagerness and willingness, accept whatever I choose to give her once again.


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