Yuletide Greetings

So I’ve been nude for 24 days. Advent with Milord And this morning, I was finally allowed clothing again. Milord woke me up by sucking delicately on a nipple. Only after I had orgasmed did he move to the other. After the second orgasm, his lips trailed a line of fire down my belly to his ultimate feast. By this point, I was begging, BEGGING for him to fuck me. He ignored me and went about his ever so delightful business.

FINALLY, after my third explosion of the morning, he entered my weeping, eager pussy. Slowly, deliberately, and with infinite care, he made love to me, granting me the gift of no few than 4 more orgasms before he allowed himself to release his own joyful noise.

“Now, when you can walk again, there’s a garment for you in the bathroom for after your shower.”

Strangely, I was disappointed. Until I saw the garment. A VERY sheer, polka dot wisp of a dress. It was indeed a garment, but a barely there one. Milord, who had followed me into the bathroom, grinned.

“I thought we’d ease you back into clothing slowly.”

I laughed, hugged and kissed him, then showered and dressed. Then, it was time for gifts. I insisted he open his first. A watch. A new leather belt. A book. A bottle of scotch.

Then, it was time for me to open mine. Naturally, there was a twist.

“Each of your gifts has a purpose. You can open them in any order you’d like, Clara, but each one will serve its purpose before you can move on to the next.”

Oh. My. God. It took hours – HOURS – to open the gifts. Best Yuletide Ever.

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