Wifely training

WARNING:  There are aspect of non consensual discipline in this fictional story. DO NOT READ if this type of activity offends you.

Bella didn’t sign up for this. Okay, she had signed up for this – kind of. When Levi had asked if she would attend a finishing school of sorts before they married, she agreed. He warned her that there would be aspects that she wouldn’t like, but in thImage result for bdsm spanking benche end, would find beneficial. He’d even given her literature on what this school would require.

Had she read it? No.  Now, here she was tied to a spanking bench, awaiting her orientation into J and K’s Academy.  She’d just watched two other women tied to their own benches. She could hear but not see their initiation. Soon, it would be her turn.

She couldn’t hate Levi. He had told her that he was into 24/7 BDSM and, as his wife, he would expect her to accept this. If she didn’t then marriage wasn’t in their future, but he hoped to remain friends with her, nonetheless. They had been dating for over eight months, so she knew exactly what she was getting into.

Truth be told, the moment she had smelled leather her pussy had reacted. Since Levi introduced her to this lifestyle, she found she loved it. She had few hard limits, all of which Levi accepted. Aside from that, she wanted to experience everything. Even this.

Miss Bella. This is where we will begin and end each day for the next seven days. You will climb on top of your bench and wait to be tied to it. You will then be subjected to any of the following. Whipped with a paddle, flogger, cane, whip, belt, or hand. Anally plugged. Vaginally plugged. Violet wands will be used on any part of your body. Nipple clamps. Blindfold. Enemas may be administered. You will be required to offer fellatio to a variety of dildos. You will NOT be penetrated by another human, however. Do you have questions?

Do I have a safeword?

You do not.

And Levi has approved everything?

He has.

Bella closed her eyes.

Then let us begin.

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