Wifely Training – 3

Bella stood, her back against the wall, hands on her head. Her ass was sore from the morning and nightly floggings, her bum hole filled with a rather large plug. Six days ago she could never have imagined standing like this. Now, all she wanted was to make sure she learned everything she possibly could so that she could make Levi proud of her.

She closed her eyes, her nipples hardening. The Professor buckled a thin but sturdy black collar around her neck then added the lock.

Your husband to be will be quite happy with these results.

Bella blushed with pride, but said nothing. No question had been asked.

Leather cuffs were added and locked together.

As per Mr. Levi’s instructions.

The Professor pulled and tweaked her nipples until they were hard bullets. Six days ago when she began her Wifely training she would have pulled back, cried out, or even slapped his hands away. Now, she stood stoically, her eyes never leaving the Professor’s face as he attached and tightened the nipple tweezers.

Arms down.

Bella lowered her arms in front of her. The Professor clipped on a leash and tugged.

Time to rejoin your Master.

Bella hesitated, her eyes wide.

“Naked? Like this?”

Before she could think, she was spun around, facing the wall, one large hand in the middle of her back holding her in place, the other spanking her bottom hard and fast. When she was spun around again, she dropped to her knees, bowed her head and said, “I apologize. Thank you for the reprimand.”

She’d been taught better. She knew not to question. She also knew how to show her gratitude. She reached up with her bound hands to unzip the Professor’s trousers and extract his cock. She leaned forward, opening her mouth. The Professor grabbed her hair, holding her head firmly, and began to fuck her mouth.

Bella gagged, but didn’t fight or pull back. Tears ran down her cheeks, but she kept her eyes turned upward, never allowing her gaze to leave his face. Less than two minutes later, his hot spunk was shooting down her throat. She swallowed without thought, accepting his gift as a sigDNEF5kGXcAAdGt8n of forgiveness.

Once she had tucked his cock back into his trousers and zipped him up, the Professor tugged on her leash and she stood. Meekly, she followed him. Levi waited in the vestibule of the building. He stood, shook hands with the Professor, and accepted the leash.

You’ve received all of my reports, but I warn you, Miss Bella will need frequent and consistent reprimands. Even now she questioned me and I had to reprimand her.

Levi still had not looked at her, but answered the Professor. “That won’t be a problem, Ben. Thank you for all of your work. I’ll take it from here.”

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