Wifely Training – 2

Wifely training began with Bella strapped down to her personal bench.


Image result for bdsm spanking bench


To what?

Until I stop.

The soft suede of the flogger brushed her raised bottom and she began to count. “This won’t be so bad,” she thought, but by the count of 20, she had changed her mind. With each stroke, the  intensity had increased. Now, at 30, her face was as wet as her pussy. She blushed, realizing just how wet she had become.

The flogger reached deep, flicking against her swollen labia. She screamed, forgetting the count, and, to her humiliation, came.

Sobbing, she let the last string of resistance snap away.

Good. That was very good, Miss Bella. Do you understand now what will end your twice daily floggings?

Bella thought, sniffed, then answered:  When I come.

Yes. Now, it’s time to start prepping your bottom.

Before Bella could say a word, cold, slick lube was pressed against her anus. Thick fingers worked it inside of her. She squirmed, but the tight straps kept her from moving much. She cried out, begging for it to stop.

Of course, nothing stopped. She’d given consent to everything when she’d signed the registration papers. Her Professor ignored her begging and slowly pressed in a cold, metal plug. Silently, she thanked her lucky stars that he’d added a ton of lube and was going slowly enough four her body to adjust.

Two hours with this plug. Tomorrow the plug will be a size bigger and we’ll go two and a half hours.


 Each day, a bigger plug or different type and the time will be increased. Do not take it out. Only I can take it out. If you even touch it, you will be severely punished. Do you understand? Your husband will be using your ass as much if not more than your pussy. This will ensure that he can do so without injuring you. 

Bella gasped, her ass feeling full and uncomfortable, but not painful.

“Yes, I understand, Professor. I understand.”


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