Week of Nipple Training – Sunday

The line between training, torture, and pleasure is thin. I informed Beatrice on Sunday that I would very much like to train her nipples for the next seven days. I explained the details to her and asked if she agreed. She did. For the next seven days, we would focus on her nips. She would not wear a bra, but would, when I was not actively training her where a necklace with loops attached to her nipples. I would, of course, make sure that  the loops were tight enough not to fall off, but loose enough not to restrict blood flow in any way. During this training, she would remain in the house unless accompanied by me.

I began with something simple. My fingers. I gently tugged and rubbed her nipples until they puckered. Then, I pinched. Hard. She whimpered, which made my cock harden, but I continued. I kissed her, swallowing her moans, and pinched harder. Then, I pressed my cock against her wetness. Her moans changed pitch and I entered her, twisting her nipples. She screamed into my mouth and came. I kept hold her tight nips until I emptied myself inside of her. Then, I released her buds and kissed them gently. She rested in my arms for a while, admitting that while there was certainly pain, there was far more pleasure.

I kissed her, then slipped the necklace over her head and adjusted the loops.

Before going to bed, I removed the necklace and attached vibrating clamps. She squirmed, and I knew her tender skin was still sensitive from the afternoon’s activities. Nonetheless, I flipped on the switch to the vibrations and watched. Her mouth formed an O and she reached up to her breasts.

I held her hands down with one of my own and with the other began to finger her. It took less than a minute for  her to come, which pleased me greatly.

“Would you like to suck on me or be fucked again?” I asked. “The clamps stay on until I come.”

“Suck, please.”

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She knelt before me. Looking down at her quivering body  as she administered to my cock was perhaps the most beautiful sight in the world. Taking pity on her, I came quickly, allowing her to swallow my cum.

I replaced the necklace after removing the clamps and kissed her soundly. I smiled, thinking about what tomorrow would bring.

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