Week of Nipple Training – Thursday

Several days have passed and Beatrice and her nipples are coming along nicely. Her nipples are soImage result for nipple suction sensitive now that all I have to do is breath on them and they harden.

Today, I focused on enlarging her nipples. Before fucking her this morning, I attached nipple suction screws. I fucked her slowly, gently, taking my time so as to draw out the time her nips were in traction.

She, however, orgasmed as soon as I had attached the first suction device! Twenty minutes later, I finally joined her. To my surprise, she came again when I removed the devices and again when I put her necklace with the nipple loops on her.

This evening, I again attached to suckers. This time, I had her get on her hands and knees. She did so, shaking with need. I ran my fingers down her slit, gathering moisture and working it into her anus. Wanting to be sure she was slick enough, I added plenty of lube to my cock.

The moment my cock touched her anus she exploded. I pushed in slowly, grimacing as her muscles clenched around me. I massaged the base of her tits then began to pump in and out; in and out. Every now and then I slapped her ass. Over and over she came until she was begging me to come.

Beatrice has always accommodated my desires for anal, but never this enthusiastically. Who was I to deny her what she desired? I came violently, calling out her name.

When I removed the devices, her nipples were puffy, swollen, pink, and perfect.

“I think this will become a regular activity,” I stated.

“Yes! Thank you,” she answered, kissing me.

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