I stood before Milord, awaiting his judgement. As per our New House Rules I am supposed to insert a yoni egg for a period of no less than one hour a day. For the past three days I had failed to do so. I didn’t do it on purpose, I just forgot! As soon as I remembered, I texted Milord and confessed. He immediately texted back that I was to remove all of my clothing (it was only noon) and be in his study when he got home from work.

Now, I was waiting – naked. Then, the doorbell rang. I closed my eyes then opened them.  Milord simply raised his eyebrows. I nodded and went to open the door to his guests.

Three men walked in, ignored me, and greeted Milord. I recognized them as fellow Dominants, but said nothing.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice gentlemen. Sophia – be so kind as to come bend over the arm of the couch. Yes, that’s it.”

My face was flaming with humiliation.


“Good. Now make sure you keep your face down. No peeking back. Gentlemen, my wife has seen fit to break a house rule and leave her pussy unfilled with a yoni egg for three days. Therefore, for the next three hours, it is my intention to keep it filled with either a cock, fingers, fist, or dildo. May I count on your assistance?”

I wanted to disappear inside of the couch! Three hours?? Plus, I would have no idea whose cock, fingers, fist, or dildo was inside of me? I began to cry, but my traitorous body responded with heat and wetness.

Hour after hour my poor pussy was filled. Thankfully, Milord made sure I stayed wet and lubed. Nonetheless, by the time he bade goodnight to his guests, my puss was swollen, stretched, and sore. But still, I wasn’t finished with my punishment. My ass and back were covered in dried cum.

“Stay there, Sophia. You see, I’ve saved the best for last. You’ll notice that none of the gentlemen came inside of you. I wanted that pleasure all for myself. Are you ready for one final cock?”

I screamed his name as he plunged inside of my poor, abused puss. I also came harder than I had all evening.

The next morning, I could barely walk. Nonetheless, I inserted my yoni egg for the full hour. Milord warned me that my punishment for breaking the rules would be severe. I’m so blessed to have a man who keeps his word.

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