Dominant Diary – Outside Discipline

She could not have been more of a brat today. Talking back, refusing to do her chores, wearing her pajamas until noon. I ignored her behavior for a while, but it soon became obvious that my Lovely was in need of some serious Discipline. I called her to my office, a sure sign that we are to have a Discussion rather than a Session. She stomped in after me and slammed t
he door shut. That was it. In my sternest “Dom” voice, I asked her what was wrong. She quieted, but just shrugged at me – something which I do not tolerate. If I ask her a direct question, I expect a direct answer. I ordered her to strip out of her clothing. Slowly, she did so. Looking out the window at the lovely Spring day, inspiration struck. Our home sits in the middle of 15 acres of mostly wooded land. No reason to waste such a beautiful day just because my Submissive was being a Brat. I grabbed a few supplies then took her hand. Her eyes widened when she realized what I was going to do. She hates being naked outside, which makes it such a perfect punishment. Now she began to beg, to apologize, to rationalize her behavior, but I was beyond that now. I let her whine even as I dragged her outside. We walked through the backyard and onto a path through the woods. Just inside the treeline I stopped. Now, Lovely began to cry. Hands, I said. Huffing, she held out her wrists. I quickly tied them with a silken rope then looped them over the hook I had nailed into the tree for just this purpose allowing enough slack so that I could easily turn her back or stomach toward the tree. I began with her facing the tree. I searched the ground and fo19559798._SY540_und the perfect switch – thin and whipy. As I whipped her ass and thighs, I scolded her behavior. I continued, watching the lovely red lines form on her white skin. Finally, her shoulders relaxed and her body went limp. I dropped the switch and turned her around. Lifting her chin so that I could look directly into her watery eyes, I asked again why she was behaving so badly. She told me that she wasn’t sure. I sighed and picked up the switch again. Three stripes to her breasts and she was begging for mercy. finally, she admitted that she was feeling lonely, that she was horny, that she wanted more of my attention. I dropped the switch, grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head back. I thanked her for answering me then I kissed her. Savagely. She opened for me, allowing my tongue into her mouth. With my free hand I reached down between her thighs and plunged two fingers into her dripping pussy. Yes, she was indeed missing me. Still, this was a punishment and I was not yet feeling merciful. I pulled my fingers free, my cock hardening at her desperate little moan, cupped my hand and spanked her pussy. She cried out, the sound music to my ears. Again and again I spanked her wet pussy, never taking my mouth from hers, never releasing my grip on her hair. After ten swats, I released her. She hung, limp, from her bound wrists. My cock pressed painfully against the zipper of my jeans, but it would have to wait. Speak, I said. “Milord,” she answered, “thank you.” I asked if she felt better and she said she did. I released her bound hands from the hook, but kept them bound together. She knelt before me and asked to thank me properly. I consented – naturally. He unzipped my jeans, my heavy cock springing free. Mouth only, I ordered. I didn’t want to make this too easy on her. She opened her mouth and encased me. The heat of her mouth damn near caused me to come right then, but I gritted my teeth. She has the most amazing mouth. She keeps her lips tight and sucks, drawing me down into her throat. She gagged a bit, but kept sucking, her head bobbing back and forth, her eyes looking up at me, begging for forgiveness. I pushed her head down, lips to base, and shot my load down her eager throat. Even after I had emptied myself, she kept her mouth on me, sitting back on her heels only when I gently pushed on her shoulder. I adjusted myself, zipped back up, then helped her to stand. Holding onto her bound hands, I led her back to the house, a happy smile on her face. She was marked, dirty, a bit of cum drying on her chin, and content. Just another day in the life of a Dom.

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