Lenten Repentance – the final Sunday

Next week is Easter, so this is the last Sunday for a scheduled repentance session. This Lenten Repentance is where we started. I’ve been trying to preptumblr_o03gqkwCS81qlcyfro1_500are myself mentally for today. It worked. I woke up, showered, shaved, then attached clothes clips to my nipples before presenting myself to milord. I stood before him, but said nothing. He lifted my chin and kissed me gently. He told me how proud he was of me, that I had become so much more obedient and submissive over the past six weeks. I no longer argued or pouted. I smiled more, laughed more, and responded eagerly when we made love. I glowed with pride. He asked if I had anything to confess and I said that I did. I knelt before him and told him that I confessed to needing his firm hand. I confessed that knowing I would be punished for every infraction of our agreed upon rules pleased me. I confessed that have never felt as happy or secure as I had during the last six weeks. Then, I confessed that I had difficulty getting through my work and my daily chores without remembering or dreaming of his hands on me, his discipline, his mouth on my body, his cock inside of mine. He kissed me and confessed to me that he felt the same way. He pulled me over the bed and began my Sunday spanking. He did not go easy on me. I wouldn’t have wanted him to. Eventually, he held my wrists together behind by back to keep them still and kind of leaned on my legs to keep my from kicking. The clips on my nipples were digging in and before long, I was crying. As he spanked me, Milord confessed that even though lent was soon to be over, he wanted to continue our sessions in some manner. I sobbed, but mumbled, Yes, Please. Sunday.  He said. Every Sunday morning. Before services. You will present yourself to me just like you did this morning. His hand rained down on my sore and swollen bottom. Yes! I answered. Then, he continued, I will fuck your ass. I will fuck your tight little bottom hole and empty myself into your bowels. Yes! I answered. He pressed my cheeks apart and, using my own wetness, lubricated my ass. He pushed his cock inside and I cried out.  he’s so big it always feels like he’s splitting me apart whenever he takes me here. He was not slow, or gentle. He pushed in, balls deep, then fucked me hard.  I came quickly, clawing at the sheets, and he followed soon, shooting his creamy heat deep inside of me. After, he kissed me, helped me pick out a nice dress for services, and together, he with a proud look on his face, me with a sore bottom and a prideful heart, sat through our last Sunday Lenten service.

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