Dominant Diary

Her tears are necessary. Do I enjoy making her cry? Actually, I do. No, I am not cruel, but I am observant and thorough. I know that if she doesn’t cry during a session, she won’t feel satisfied. Her tears are cathartic for her. She does not cry easily, so it is my duty as her dominant to give her this release, no matter how long it takes. I also won’t deny that the sight of her tears mixed with the scent of her lust are one of my biggest turn ons. For this session, I determined first to satisfy my own need for her, then see to her tearsC7j0pjmXUAAIQQB. She has this insane belief that she isn’t quite pretty enough for me. Ridiculous. She is the most Related imagebeautiful person I have ever known. Nonetheless, I tasked her with something I knew she would fail. As I fucked her from behind – my favorite position – I ordered that she look into the mirror and see just how exquisite she truly was, how perfect our bodies were when we were joined. She tried to obey, but soon, she closed her eyes. I slapped her ass and she opened them. Just before I emptied myself in her, she came, closing her eyes again. He pussy tightened around my cock and I pumped my seed deep inside of her. I pushed her shoulders down then, with my cock still buried in her, began to spank her pretty white ass. Eventually, I pulled out and enjoyed her little whimper.  With one hand I continued to spank her, scolding her for closing her eyes, and then I plunged four fingers inside of her dripping pussy. She was, obviously, loosened and very, very wet from her own orgasm and from mine. I’d been preparing her for this for a while. Carefully, I slipped my thumb in as well then slowly, carefully, eased in the rest of my hand. She cried out, but pressed back against my hand. Once inside, I curled my hand into a fist and matched the rhythm of my spanks with the thrusting motion of my arm. I simultaneously fisted her and spanked her until she was sobbing her release. She came again, damn near breaking my wrist. Once her tremors had subsided I rubbed her red, hot ass and slowly, carefully, eased my hand from her pussy. by then, I was rock hard again. Her pussy was going to need a day or so to recover, so I gathered up some of her cream and coated my cock. then, I eased some more into her anus, making sure she was lubbed well. I enjoy her tears, but I have no wish to every harm her. Slowly, I press my cock into her unbelievably tight anus. Her gasp and shudder warms my heart. He looks up at me, our eyes meeting in the mirror, her face streaked with those sweet tears. I grasp her thick hair, close to the scalp, holding her head up, forcing her to face the mirror. “Keep those eyes open this time, Lovely. I don’t want to, but I will punish you again if need be.” Her eyes widen and she nods as much as my tight grip will allow. I fuck her in earnest now, rocking against her, my balls slapping her sore pussy. She keeps her eyes locked on mine. I feel her tighten around me, then she explodes. The look of wonder on her face, her tears, the heat of her body all collide and I once again empty myself inside of her. We sat on the floor for a while, recovering, her cradled in my arms. She looked up at me, smiled, and quietly thanked me. It might sound corny, but I swear my heart grew three sizes in that moment.

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