Lenten Repentance

Image result for nipple clampsMy HoH is a devote Christian, as am I. Since Lent, the time of sacrifice and expiation, began, He has imposed new rules for Maintenance. First, we now have Maintenance three times a week – Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. No exceptions. If I have completed the Session to his satisfaction, we will go out to dinner. If I have disappointed him, I will remain nude and in my room until the next morning at which time he will decide upon a punishment. If I complete that to his satisfaction, then I may dress and go about my day.

Ash Wednesday was our first for the season, and tonight will be the second. I’ve been anxious all day. I have made many sins over the last 2 days and my HoH will, most assuredly, deal with them promptly. My bottom is just today healed from Wednesday. I have no doubt that I will still be tender on Sunday. Nonetheless, I look forward to the feeling of cleanliness and freedom once the session is completed.

He had decided that first, I must be totally nude for the Session, as always. Second, I must wear Clamps on my nipples for the entire Session. HoH has decided to use a set that clamps tightly and firmly but not painfully. However, there is also a chain attac
hed to the clamps. He may, therefore, add weights to the chain, have me hold it in my lether-paddleteeth or tug on it if he feels my attention is wavering.  Third, Once the clamps are in place, I will knee, my chin in his hand, look directly into his eyes, and confess any wrongdoings or ill feelings I have experienced since the last Session. These confessions must include any doubts I may have had, jealousies, or self recriminations. He will take these into account later. He will then retrieve his leather strap. Upon his word, I will stand, Spread my legs wide, bend over a wooden chair, grasp the seat with my belly resting on the back of it, and wait. He will decide upon the number of strips I’m to receive with the number being no less than 10 and no more than 40. As he delivers my stripes, he too will confess to me any fa
ilings he has committed since the last Session.  My heart swells at his confessions since I know he is bearing his very soul to me. Wednesday, He confessed that he was afraid sometimes, that he wasn’t worthy of my love and respect, that he sometimes has a strong desire to let my misdeeds go unpunished, that he fantasizes durinsubmissive-long-hairg his work day about my pussy. By this time, he had delivered 12 good, hard strips to my rear. I was sobbing from the pain of it, but also from the honor that he was giving my by telling me this. He asked for my forgiveness for his faults and asked that I help him. I kept this request in my mind as he finished my strapping. He rubbed my swollen bottom and my back until my sobs had quieted. Then, I slipped to the floor, crossed my arms behind me and bowed my head. This was the position we had agreed upon as my acceptance of his Dominacvavz78wyaqqd__nce. He again took my chin in his hand and asked again if I would help him. I replied that of course I would. On Maintenance Days, he should, I felt, refrain from using my pussy in any way. He should, instead, use only my mouth, my hands, my tits, or my anus to finish his Maintenance. In this way, he might not think of my pussy quite as often.  He smiled at me, kissed me, and said, “Thank you. I knew you’d come up with the perfect expiation.”  With that He stood, unzipped his trousers, and said, “Open.” I obeyed, eager to taste him, to show my devotion, my gratitude. He used me harshly, as I’ve come to expect and look forward to on Maintenance Day. He fucked my mouth and tugged on the chain between the clamps. Tears again fell from my eyes, but then, I felt his hot, sweet cream hit the back of my throat. I gulped, swallowing it all, keeping my eyes turned upward to his face. When he finished, he pulled out of my mouth, arranged himself properly, helped he to my feet and removed the clamps. I cried out when the blood rushed back to my nipples, but stood in place. He kissed me deeply, wrapping me in his warm, strong embrace. “That was perfect, my Wife,” he said. “Now, go put on a dress and shoes. We’ll go to dinner.”


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