Back Support

I’ve hurt my back. I have no idea how, but I have. Sir has adjusted my rules to accommodate this injury358461-_sy540_ by making me wear a back “brace” until it’s healed. By that, I mean a corset. I’m to wear it 24/7 unless showering. I even wear it when I do my exercises. Sir does, however, loosen it for those! Each morning he unlaces me, I shower, shave, etc. Then, he laces me back into a corset. I have 3 that he rotates so that one can be washed – by hand of course – and drying while I wear another. Just in case the first isn’t dry within 24 hours, I have a spare. If, however, I have to wear the spare one, He makes sure I’m laced super tightly. When I wear that one, there is no way I can lean back against a chair or bend at the waist. You can be sure I make the effort to be sure both of my pretty corsets are dry even if it means holding a blow drying to one! He laces me tightly, but not too tightly. I cannot slouch – which is good – but I can bend and sit back. We started this five days ago when I first began having back issues. Just so you know, Sir is a Chiropractor so he knows what he’s doing. Honestly, my back feels much, much better now aftere only 5 days! Truthfully, I’m a bit hesitant to tell him this because I kinda like wearing the corsets. I definitely like him lacing me into them. The first night, it was awkward to sleep in it, but I’m used to it now. The one thing I do miss – Sir’s hands on my skin, my belly, by breasts.  I ache for the touch of his mouth on my nipples. Yes, he could push a cup down or get me an under the breast corset, but this is his motivation for me to improve. He’s right, too. I’m terrible about skimping on the stretches, exercises, and ice packs, but I so very much want his hands on me that I complete the regime he’s set for me without complaint.Sir truly is a thoughtful, protective man.

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