Superbowl Service

Matthew loves football and so, we always host a Superbowl Party. This year, though, it’s all of his friends he invited, only those familiar with our lifestyle. For this, I was grateful, because I was to serve his friends in a particular style. I was to wear a grater belt and stockings plus heels. Nothing else. I was first, as always, to do as Matthew said and second, to follow any directions from his friends without question. If Matthew objected, he’d do the objecting. Third, I spoke only to answer a question. I HATED when Matthew had parties like these! Granted I wasn’t a bit football fan, so not focusing on the game wasn’t an issue. but I was also a fairly social person, so silently serving was really, really difficult! I also LOVED when Matthew had parties like this because it pushed tumblr_nb4pa2nuhp1risr9ko1_r1_540my boundaries. I am also an exhibitionist at heart, so “performing” for an audience was right up my alley.

To get ready for the party, I was also to make my Chili. I grabbed the ingredients and began browning the meat. I enjoy cooking, but more, I enjoy watching the pleasure spread over whoever’s face it is who’s eating my food. I was so into the chore that I didn’t notice Matthew come into the room. Forgetting something already? I looked at him in confusion. He stared at me, his eyes traveling down my still fully clothed body. Crap. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and tied on an apron. Once the chili was bubbling away I turned to Matthew and told him that I was ready. This is the third time this week that you’ve forgotten a direct order. Obviously, I’ve been to easy on you. I gulped. He was right. Hearing the sternness in his voice, I knew he wasn’t angry, but I also knew he’d show no mercy. I nodded, took off the apron,  and went to the Discipline Room. Normally an infraction earns you 4 stripes with the cane. I’m raising that to 5 and since it’s been 3 infractions, multiplying that by 3. 

Fifteen cane strikes. I trembled, but said, Yes, Matthew. He was right. I’d gotten complacent and only a harsh punishment would bring me around. Then I gasped. Guests were coming today. My ass would be exposed to them. I started to cry realizing that Matthew had intentionally waited to punish me today. I took my position and Matthew covered my bottom and upper thighs. By the time he finished, I was sobbing. Still bent over the end of the bed, I heard Matthew praise me and tell me it was now time for a reward. He stepped behind me and pressed his cock into my wet, wet pussy. I sighed through my tears. I’d endure pretty much anything to have his cock inside of me. He reached around and squeezed my clit. A powerful rush of pleasure washed through me and I came. He continued fucking me until he too came. Then, he helped me stand, handed me the garter belt and stockings, and said, Not only will our guests see what a good sub you are by taking your licks like a champ, but they’ll also see my mark of ownership sliding down your thighs.

Yes, Matthew. Thank you. Having his cum inside of me – at least until it running down my legs – was work the humiliation of his friends seeing the marks of disobedience. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait for the Big Game to start.

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