Wooden Spoons

I absolutely adore wooden spoons. They are, in my opinion, one of the most versatile and under valued kitchen utensil. As a cook, I keep about a dozen or so of the darlings on my island at all times. An antique pitcher is their resting place when not in my hand or af0f06ce3f64f5ecb75b7262558fe85eHubster’s. Yes, we both use the spoons, but each for a different purpose. For instance, I use the spoon with the extra little bit on one side to scrap along the bottom edge of a pan when I’m stirring something that might stick – pudding for example. The Hubster uses the ones that have been wood burned. How you may ask? Like any good Head of the Household would! Now these special spoons are kept right next to mine so that I see them often and am reminded of their use. They’re also quite handy for him to grab if needed and when guests are over (even my parents!) no one questions them.

Yesterday was a prime example. My mother stopped by for a cup of coffee and we sat at the island chatting and laughing. The Hubster came in, kissed me, greeted my mom, and went about his business. She noticed the pretty spoons, commented on their beauty, and we went on chatting. No raised eyebrows. No questions. After dinner when the Hubster and I were putting the kitchen to rights I made a snarky comment about my weight and how if I didn’t lose some I’d need to buy new clothes. The Hubster scolded me. Told me that I needed to stopspoon obsessing and asked me what happened the last time I insulted myself. “You spanked me,” I answered. The Hubster, not one to delay, snapped up one of His special spoons – the solid one – and told me to bend over. I didn’t bother to argue. There was no point. I had directly broken a rule we had both agreed upon. Five swats to each cheek later, I wiped the tears from my face and kissed my husband. I also felt better about myself. He absolutely hates when I talk badly about my body because he loves me just as I am – a fact which was evident by the enormous cock clearly outlined behind his jeans. I also felt remorse because he was obviously aroused, but I knew he wouldn’t make love to me right after a spanking. So, I did what any good wife would do. I knelt before him. He smiled down at me and so I gave him the relief both of us so desperately wanted him to have. Once he’d given me his sweetness, he helped me stand and said, “Later, my love. Later tonight you’ll cry again from the pleasure I plan to give you.”

The Hubster is always a man of his word.

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