House Rule – oopsy

So maybe He did tell me that we were running low on lubricant in the playroom. So maybe He did suggest that I buy some last week. So maybe I did forget. So maybelarge plug it’s now time to face the consequences of my actions.

Obviously, Milord was unhappy that I had forgotten to replace the lube. Honestly, he had every right to be unhappy. I knew we were running low, he pointed it out, he reminded me. I still forgot. So, I have no complaints regarding this punishment. However, as per Winter Rules – a bit late, I must tell the world about my latest misdeeds and how Milord corrected me. First, having no lube was no excuse, says He, to bypass Winter Rule number 3. He decided that only one hole would be filled – the back one. He also devised a clever and fitting punishment. Rather than lube, he would use ginger paste. If I hadn’t been repentant before, you can bet I was now!!! He also decided that my ankles would be tied to keep me from kicking. Once he had the rope secure, he helped me to kneel then to bend so that my head rested on my crossed arms. I was not to move. He inserted the ginger covered plug and the burn began immediately. I cried, whimpered, and swore I’d never forget again. He remained silent – one of the harshest punishment he can inflict on me. He sat a few feet in front of me and switched on the TV. I could see his shoes from my position. Eventually, my pleas stopped and my cries turned into quite sobs. My hands were damp with my tears and but the burn in my bottom continued. Time crept by. I began to sink into the pain, floating in a world of submissive gratefulness. On all fours he said. The television had been turned off. Slowly, I did as he said, eager to please him, but stiff from being in one position so long. He tapped my knees and I spread them as far as my bound ankles would allow. By now, the burn had diminished, but I was still in a very subservient, repentant frame of mind. Pick a number he said. “A number” meant only one thing. A paddling. I looked up at him, his stern face passive. I knew if I picked too low he’d add that to the number he had in mind. If I picked higher than he’d imagined he’d go with my suggestion, pleased that I was willintumblr_nk3dyr2ey31tb2gr7o1_540g to accept his punishment. A low number flew from my mind. I’d disobeyed a simple house rule. I wanted, needed, his correction. Keeping my eyes on his, I answered. Thirty, Sir. His eyes widened and he smiled. I did too, knowing the number had pleased him. He reached between my legs and laughed at the wetness he found there. That’s my girl. You’ve made me proud. Accepting your spicy plug without complaint, going above and beyond the number, and showing your body’s pleasure. Keep it up and there will be a reward.

Now it was on. A reward could only mean one thing. He’d give me his cock. I had no idea which hole he’d use, but he’d use at least one. He’d fuck me and then he’d give me his cum. Nothing, nothing in the world would have motivated me more. By the time he finished my face was drenched with tears and there was a puddle of them on the floor. A matching puddle was on the floor beneath my pussy. I’d stayed in position for the entire count and now Milord was behind me, his glorious cock positioned against my eager opening. He grabbed a handful of hair, tilted my head back and said, The plug stays in. But my cock owns your cunt. Then he fucked me. Hard. Merciless. The moment he entered me I exploded, but that didn’t slow him. He allowed me all the orgasms I could manage, sometimes forcing me into more and more until I begged for mercy and rest. Today, he didn’t seem to notice my orgasms – which pleased me greatly. He owned not only my cunt, but every other part of my body and soul as well. He fucked me until my arms shook and my knees were bruised and still I wanted more. He leaned over, bit my shoulder, and tensed. Then, he buried himself – balls deep – and come, blessing me with his cum and forgiveness.

Now, my ass is sore and tender, my pussy dripping his cream onto my thighs, and my bottom still filled, but here I am at the local drug store, a smile on my face and stocking up on Lubrication.




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