No Rest for the Nips

Nips to attention. It’s been 2 weeks since I implied that my nipples were not as they should be and two weeks since His Lordship has allowed me to wear a bra. He no longer requires that I wear my Firm Collar no am I required to wear ribbons through my rings to bring even more attention to my nipples. I am, however, required to show as much cleavage as legally possible when we are in any type of public setting. His Lordship is quite proud of my breasts and has informed me thatc2dna1owgaah7ck until he decides otherwise, they will be on display. For two weeks I have endured this and for two weeks I have cringed with embarrassment every time a stronger looks at me with lust, envy, or disgust. Never once, however, have I lowered my eyes or bowed my head. If His Lordship wishes to display what I have given to him, it is his right to do so and I will not be ashamed of what gives him pleasure. Today, we went out to lunch and then to the library. Again, I felt the eyes of many on me but I noticed that I felt less embarrassment and more pride. No, I’m not particularly proud of my body, but I am proud that I obey His Lordship without question. I am proud that I trust His Lordship to always look out for my best interest. I am proud that His Lordship looks at me with no only lust, but love. What difference does it make what others think of me when His Lordship’s eyes darken with passion? What difference does it make if others fantasize about possessing what I have freely given to His Lordship? I hated that first night when my collar and my nips were so blatantly displayed for the world. But today I am grateful for the lesson I have learned. I have given His Lordship control of my body and if He chooses to display it for the world to appreciate, who am I to complain.

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