Three and Twenty

We, like may DD couples, have a maintenance day. For us, it is the 23rd of each month. That is the date of our Anniversary, so on the 23rd of each month, we remember our vows to each other with Maintenance. Husband does everything in sets of 23. To begin, he pulls me over his lap and administers 23 hand spankings. This is my warm up. Then, hetumblr_n0fhrskpsx1qii8jto1_500 uses an implement – naturally of his choice. Today, it is a wooden paddle. Twenty three times he brings it down on my pinked flesh. It doesn’t matter if I start crying at number 4 or number 20. He adminsisters 23. Next, I am displayed for 23 minutes. Sometimes he chooses to have me stand in the corner, sometimes I am seated. My hands must be behind my head during this time. Today he has chosen a most uncomfortable spot, but I don’t object. After all, I have given him this right and it would be petty of me to object because of mere discomfort. Plus, Maintenance is not meant to be comfortable! It is meant to remind us both of our chosen roles. And so I sit here, focused on maintaining my balance and then it comes to me. Balance. THIS is why he has chosen this spot. Just as I must work to remain in place, so we must work to balance our relationship. I smile, pleased that I’ve figured this out. Husband does indeed have a strong hand, but also a strong mind and will. The end of my minutes arrives and He is beside me, helping to stand. He sees the smile and knows I understand. Then, I sink to my knees. For my final 23 minutes, his cock will be in my mouth. Before I begin, though, there is something I must say. “Thank you, my love.” “You’re welcome.”

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