National Humiliation Day

I had no idea today was the ver first National Humilate your Sub day. In honor of this, Master has decided that I should be well and properly humilate as often as as publically as he chooses. For the record, I despise public humilation almost as much as I love it. Yes, I hate it when it happens, but afterwards I am in such a sub mindset that I’m in heaven. First, when Dom arrived at my apartment, He immediately told me to bend over. He pulled the lube tumblr_negq4w1mO01si6m0bo1_500out of the fridge (he likes the way i jump at the coldness) then inserted a large, uncomfortable, but not painful, plug. The, he told me, was to remind me of his power over me. It would stay in all day. He’s right. The moment he puts a plug in me, I immediately become more biddable. Then, he said we were going out. We walked around town for close to an hour before we sat at a little coffee shop. Here, he told me, I would eat only what he fed me and drink only what he offered. He held out a bit of scone on the palm of his hand and I bent my head to eat it. Several patrons glanced our way and when this way of feed me continued, they stared openly. My face was, I’m sure bright red. When we left, he kept his hand on my ass. He did, though, whisper into my ear that my behavior had pleased him, especially the blushing.

Then, we went to the city park. He sat on a bench and positioned me in front of a metal tumblr_of9jxywkhp1vex6g2o1_540fence opposit him. Then, he told me to lift my skirt. I gaped at him, open mouth. Still, the look in his eyes and the fullness of the plug were too much for me to resist and I did as he said. He motioned higher. I did so. Higher. I dropped my eyes, blushed again, and obeyed. Now, the very bottom of my panties (Thank the gods he allowed me to keep them on!) were plainly visibile, not to metion my garters and stockings. I stood there for close to half an hour. Men came by, as did women. Some pulled out their phones and snapped pictures. Some scolded me, some called me names. Master just sat on his bench, smiling. I was sinking into my “zone”. Yes, I was still humiliated, but I was also getting very, very wet – which was quite obvious. Finally, Master stood and began to walk. He motioned for me to follow, but to stay behind him. I did. I had also dropped my skirt, something I would pay for later because he had not told me to do that.  By now, a soft rain had begun to fall. By the time we got home, it was pouring. Master had brouin the rainght an umbrella with him, but I had not. When we got to my apartment, he told me sternly that because I had dropped my skirt I had to wait, in the rain, for 10 minutes. Then, he would open the door and I could enter. So I stood there, soaked to the bone in the warm rain. My dress clung to my body. I was even more aware of the plug inside of me, knowing it would be there for several more hours. He opened the door, holding a big fluffy towel. I started to walk in, but he stopped me. I could not drip on the floor, so I was to strip out of my clothes – all of them – right there on my front stoop. I wanted to die on the spot. I wanted to drop to my knees and thank him. Only when I was totally nude did he welcome me in and wrap the towel around my wet body. Here, I did as I wanted. I fell to my knees, kissed his shoes and thanked him.

The plug is still in my ass, but his cum is now in my pussy. the day, though, is only half over and I have no doubt Master has plans for the evening.

4 thoughts on “National Humiliation Day

  1. Your stories never fail to leave me humming and tingling below as I follow the open love and connection between these two. So honest and she submits so willingly and completely, I can only hope to one day match her devotion to her Sir with my Daddy Dom. I’m still so new to this lifestyle and learning so much. I truly enjoy the torturous sensations stories like these invoke though in the vain hope that maybe, tonight, Daddy will allow me to play and touch to sooth the throbbing ache in the special place between my thighs. Or hope against hope that he will be the one to administer that relief and maybe even allow me the pleasure of an orgasm. I’m trying so very hard to learn the humility of this orgasm denial and I think so far, I’m doing rather well, but it is still pure torture none the less. Your stories at least give me the chance to fantasize and dream of pleasures forbidden without permission. Thank You! 🙂

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