Submitting to Milord – 3

Milord suggested that I set course for today. At first, I was startled and had no idea what to do, but then I realized that I simply needed to follow his lead. Each day he has added something new to my regime, and so I should continue this trend. So today, I asked that he  help me to focus on something that I see and he uses every day – his belt. In positioneddoing this, I will have a constant reminder of the power I have given him every time I look at his belt whether we are at home or out in public. So, with that in mind, I handed him his favorite belt – black, soft, and well worn. The first thing he did was tell me to assume the position and gave me a good, hard (but not TOO hard) belt spanking.  Yes, I was terrified at first. I’ve heard horror stories about being belt whipped, but then as he continued, I realized that he was using a lot less force than he did with his hand. Don’t misunderstand, by the time he finished my ass was bright red and hot to the touch.

Lesson Learned: Don’t fear the implement, but trust Milord’s judgement.

Then, he cinched the belt around my waist. It sag over my hips a bit, but not so much that it would fall off. This was my binding for the day. I went about my chores with the soft leather brushing against my skin. It was, indeed, a constant reminder of Milord.  Just before lunch, Milord again told me to assume the position with my hands on the bed. I fully expected another belt spanking and was ready to accept it despite the fact that my bottom was still tender from the first. Instead, Milord stepped behind me and grabbed the belt. Then, he fucked me. The moment I felt the head of his cock touch my wet lips I trembled. Slowly he pushed in, his hands pulling the belt tight around my waist. He set a steady rhythm. Once I tried to break position and put my head mattress, but he pulled up on the belt, forcing me to stay upright. “Come for me.” That was when I lost it. Bright color flashed before my eyes as I lost myself to the exquisite pleasure. He never once actually touched me with his hands. His cock the only skin to skin contact. Finally, I heard his breathing turn to panting and felt his cock expand slightly. He pulled the belt tight and buried himself inside of me, lost in his own orgasm.

Lesson Learned: Milord has the power to grant me orgasm upon command.

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