Submitting to Milord – 5

Milord has a new bondage for me. A Chastity belt. On the first day I wore it, he made love to me. Then, he strapped on the belt. I didn’t like it – at least not at first – because I didn’t think I’d be able to keep myself clean. I was mistaken. The openings allowed for easy passage and the belt was loose enough to make showering simple. He told me that for the next 5 days (that’s how long we have left here) I would wear the belt at all times unless he wanted to fuck me. He also told me that he might just have me wear it longer if it pchastiy beltleased him. He locked the belt in place then slid the key (which was attached to a chain) around his neck. The metal felt odd, but not uncomfortable, surprisingly enough. That night, he again unlocked the belt, fucked me, then replaced it.

The next morning was a repeat of the day before. He unlocked the belt, fucked me, and came inside of me. This time, though, he screwed in a dildo before he put the belt back on me. OMG! I spent the entire day in a state of constant arousal! Every move I made, every step I took reminded me that my pussy was filled! I begged him to let me come, to fuck me again, to let me touch myself – all of which he denied. Finally, he tired of my constant begging and spanked me. He promised that I’d be spanked every time I complained or begged, and he reminded me of the rule that whatever he put inside of me would remain there until he removed it. Twice he gave me relief – once in the afternoon and once before bed. Luckily, he didn’t add the dildo the last time and I was able to sleep.

This morning he again made love to me, allowed me to come, and filled me with his. Again, he added the dildo. I started to protest, but remembered the three spankings from yesterday. Then, he grinned. That wicked, evil grin that tells me he’s up to something. I watched in horror and excitm6a3f8b81e41ba306bc8fd65ef6019479ent as he added a second attachment which he generously lubed. Holy Hell! I’d have to go through the day with both holes filled! He reminded me again that any complaints would be punished. He also said that when I needed to have the plug removed, I would have to ask nicely then suck him until he came before he’d remove it. Once my “business” was completed, he’d again insert the plug. So far, I’ve received FOUR spankings, been fucked once more, and swallowed his cum once.


Lesson Learned:  My body belongs to Milord.

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