Submitting to Milord – 2

Each day I have submitted my power more and more to Milord. I’m grateful that he has gone about my transformation slowly – just as I requested – because if he hachainedd wanted me to do what I did today on the very first day here, I would have walked away. But now, on the forth day, I couldn’t be happier. He decided to take me for a walk down toward old railroad bridge. It hasn’t been used in years, but still the stone base is standing and beautiful. For my bondage on the walk, he hooked a soft leather cuff around my ankle and attached a long, lightweight length of chain to it. This, he held so that it wouldn’t trip either of us. When we arrived at the old bridge, he told me to strip out of my dress. I hate being nude outside – the bugs, the chance for pubic exposure, all of it. Still, because he told me, I obeyed. What surprised me was that I didn’t hesitate. He took my dress and threw it into the river flowing nearby. I began to pant and my heart raced. That was when I broke out of my submission and asked him what the hell he was doing. His reaction was swift and warranted. He told me to put my hands on the stones of the bridge and assume the position. Crying, begging I pleaded with him, but I did as he said. He took a think whippy branch, cut it, then used his pocket knife to whittle off all the bark and rough places. Then, he used it on my upper thighs and ass. Once, I stepped out of place. That was when he attached my chain to part of the bridge. I was humiliated that I hadn’t accepted my deserved punishment better. This time, I remained in place. Yes, my skin was marked and on fire, but it was nothing compared to the heat of shame I felt for disobeying him. Then, he dropped his jeans and fucked me. Hard. I was not allowed to orgasm. That’s only for when I’m well behaved.  That was the hardest part! I was right on the verge. I LOVE his gigantic cock inside of me! Luckily, he didn’t push me too hard. Within minutes he pushed hard, deep, and shot his orgasm into my very core. I begged him to let me suck him, but he denied it. No, instead I was going to stay in place and trust him while he did a little fishing.

He lifted me up and placed me on a ledge of the old stone bridge. It was cold and dirty and I was naked, tender and dripping sticky cum down my legs. Still, I smiled. He was right to do this. When he saw that smile and heard me say, Yes, Milord, he smiled as well and handed me a blanket. I should have known that he wouldn’t let me walk all the way back to the cabin without something to cover myself. I should have trusted him. Next time, I will.

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