Watering your Submissive

Okay, so I didn’t keep up with “drink 8 glasses of water” rule. At all. Four times I missed the mark. After the first time Mister took me over his lap for 64 spankings – the number of ounces I should have drunk. The second time – over his lap for 64 spankings with the brush. The third time – 64 spankings with his hand and 8 lashes with the cane. So I should have known better. I should have learned. After all, it is for my health that this rule is in place. But no. A week after the lashing I forgot. Again. I drank only 6 glasses – 16 ounces shy of what I should have. Mister made sure i will remember that missing 16 ounces. First – 16 belt spankings. Second, 16 hand spankings. Third, 16 ounces of warm, soapy water inserted into my bowls and plugged in for – you guessed it – 16 minutes. OMG the cramping was terrible. I cried, begged him to let me release it, but he was stoic. When the timer went off, he led me to the bathroom and released the plug and JUST STOOD THERE. I hung my head, cryidraped over chairng both from the cramping, my sore bottom, and the humiliation. Finally, I was empty. Then, he explains to me that because of the soap, he must now administer a second enema of clean, clear water. OMG! SERIOUSLY?? So over the chair I go again and another 16 ounces of clear, cold water goes into me. The cramping starts almost immediately this time. But again, he has inserted a very large, uncomfortable plug, and won’t let me move from my position until the timer rings. At this point, I’m bawling. Finally, he leads me to the bathroom, but before he allows me to release the pressure, He tells me to thank him. Appropriately. Sobbing, I do. I sit on the floor and unzip his pants. I offer my mouth and he takes it, fucking it as he would my pussy. He comes quickly, spraying his sweetness across my face, down my neck. Only then does he allow me to stand. He removes the plug and again watches and I empty myself. I’m a mess – red faced, red assed, covered in cum, and very, very humbled.

Today, I had no problem drinking my 8 glasses of water.

5 thoughts on “Watering your Submissive

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  2. I read this aloud to my wife in bed this morning. She too takes a bottle of water to work at my instruction. However, after number of months I stopped asking. The bottle came home empty everyday and the plant in her office grew!! She did confess, which was good of her and no punishment issued for honestly. I should have checked, so, bad Dom!
    I loved your style of writing, and whilst fully supporting your Dom’s actions, I did laugh at your word craft in recalling this episode. Thank you.


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