This post, unlike my others, is not fiction and is not meant to entertain. I hope no one is offended, because that is not my intent. I am simply stating my opinion because if I don’t, I will explode. My heart, like any other sane person’s, is breaking. I have cried for the victims and their families and the uselessness of violence and hate. Yes, this angers me, but I refuse to give in to the anger, to my own hatred. To do so would allow the bad people to win. I will not add more negativity to the world.

Last year, one of my sons got engaged to a young lady he had know for over four years. A few months later, she announced that she was transgender and would be undergoing hormone therapy. She was now he. I will admit, I was unhappy with this situation because I didn’t (and still have difficulty) seeing a happy ending for my son who is not homosexual. But, you know what, that’s not my call. It’s his, and he has decided to stick with the PERSON he loves. I’m very proud of him for that even if I am confused. He has decided that his partner’s happiness and comfort are far more important to him that society’s judgement, or even his family’s judgement.

One flame can bring light to a dark corner and I want to that flame. I will not add to the darkness. I will do what little I can to combat darkness. I pledge, here and now, to actively try to understand my son’s partner’s choice. I loved “her” and while “her” body and name have changed, he is the same person inside. One flame can spread. All I can be is one flame. May it spread and bring light to a dark corner.


****Due to the personal nature of this post, please do not reblog without permission. ***

2 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. You are a fine writer and have a kind heart. Your post is written well and is logical. The fact that you use sound logic in it may cause you some problems I am afraid, there are so few people who think logically these days.


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