No Quarter Asked or Given

I have teased him for months. On-line, texting, pictures. He has been out of the country, TDY, but now, he is home and it is time to face the music. For the last week, he has made love to me gently, beautifully, acquainting himself with my body again. Today, though, is my day of retribution. Today I will serve my Veteran in any and all way. I am his prisoner and no quarter will be asked or given. It is chilly outside, but that will makes no difference. To begin, he takes me to the woodshed. Yes, it stores wood for the fireplace, but also is used for a more traditional purpose. He keeps an old chair in the building for just this purpose. To begin, though, He had me walk the wood and cut a handful of switches. I tied them together then presented the bundle to him for his inspection. He was clear that I was to leave the little twigs attached. I kneeled in the chair and he began. Over and over he thrashed my bottom until the twigs began to break. I cried out, the pain searing my bottom, but he did not slow, simply placed a hand on my back to steady me. Only when each of the switches had broken did he stop.

By this time I was sobbing. He gathered me into his arms and comforted me, a kindness which made me sob even more. Then, he carried me inside, lay me gently on the bed. He rubbed ointment on my red bottom and lubed my hole. Then, he took it. He plunged in, balls deep, into my bottom hole. I screamed in surprise and but not pain (not that it would have mattered). He likes to hear me cry out, calling his name, begging for mercy, begging for more. It doesn’t matter, so long as he hears my voice. He fucked me. Hard. Pulling my hair. I wanted to cum, but he whispered that if I did, he would call his troops over have them watch my next punishment then give me to them for their use. I bit my lip and focused on not cumming. Luckily, he used me hard and fast and came quickly, filling my body with his blessed seed.  Panting, he lay beside me and pushed my head down so that I could clean his cock and taste his cum.

When he recovered, he had more plans for me. I knew better than to think he would be finished with me so quickly. He had promised me a full day of retribution, and I expected no less than 24 hours.  He had me stand and walked me out into our woods. There, he cuffed my hands behind a tree and tied me in place. The rough bark irritating my tender bottom and cool breeze raising goose flesh. Once in place, he scolded me fiercely for my wanton ways. He then pulled out a small container from his pocket and my eyes widened. Wasabi. He grinned wickedly and placed a small dab on my nipples and my clit. The fire shot into my nerves immediately and i bit my lip to keep from screaming. Tears fell down my cheeks and he continued to scold me. He took out his cock, hard and lovely and perfect. He rubbed himself, masturbating in front of me. I cried more. I hated not being able to touch him, but this, I knew, was justified. He came quickly, spraying my body with his seed. Then, he sat. He just sat in the grass and watched as I struggled with the humiliation of my exposure and the sting of the wasabi his cum drying on my skin. He glanced at his pocket watch and smiled again.

I knew, today would be a long, beautiful day. No quarter given. Nor asked for.

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