Spring Rules

Spring has sprung and with it new rules. Mister has decreed that the following are my rules. Some are expected, others are not. Since I have been pushing my limits lately, I had very little input on these other than to accept or decline. Naturally, I accepted them all as He wrote them. I have no doubt, however, due to the strictness, that I will soon be breaking one or two.

  1.  When He comes home after work, i will drop to my knees before Him. If He desires, i will unzip his trousers and worship his cock. (This means that i will be home before he is.)
  2. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, i will go to the bedroom, undress and lie on the bed after dinner. I will have the spanking pillow beneath my hips and await for Mister to come administer a maintenance spanking of no less than 8 minutes.
  3. I will practice for no less than 15 minutes a day with the ben wah balls.
  4. I will garden every day, assuring no weeds in the vegetable patch.
  5. I will complete 60 minutes of yoga three times a week. I will be nude while doing this.
  6. I will wear only skirts or dresses. I may wear one of three approved bras, but no underwear unless approved.
  7. When underwear is approved, i will wear the egg shaped butt plug. Once the plug is inserted, only Mister may remove it. The underwear will be removed upon request – immediately and without complaint.tumblr_o1iyrmgZoU1trfqkjo1_500
  8. Mister has the right to deny me clothing for a full 24 hour period if He so desires.
  9. I will stay within my budget.
  10. Mister has the right to use my body for His pleasure whenever and wherever He chooses. If i do not agree with this use, i will respectfully object, but ultimately, the decision is His.

If I break these rules, he has upped the punishments as well. I have agreed that he may “ground” me to our room or house for up to 48 hours, he may use ginger in my anus or on my clit, he may spank me with his hand, belt, flogger or switches, he may deny me orgasm. He is also free to add to this list as he feels the need. I have no doubt, that he will STRICTLY enforce these rules and show fair judgment but little mercy when I break them (and we all know I will!).

2 thoughts on “Spring Rules

  1. Awesome,
    I was trying to look at last year’s post to get some contrast but I can’t find it 😦
    Could you possibly list it for informational purposes?


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