No Mercy for breaking rules

He looked at me. Just stared. Crap.

“Um. Don’t you like it?”

“That’s not the point. We have a rule and you’ve broken it. Badly.”

Shit. He’s right. I knew I was breaking a rule when I walked into the beauty salon. When I sat in the chair. When I said I wanted a short bob style, a radical change from my waist length style of the past 2 years. Here’s the rule: No major changes to hair or body without first consulting the opposite party.  This rule applies to both Dom and Sub.  Honestly, Mr. Man has never denied any of my requests to cut my hair, he just likes to be informed and talking to him helps me to decide what I actually want. This time, though, I didn’t do that. I just acted impulsively so now it’s time to pay the piper.

“I know. I sorry,” I acknowledged quietly.

“This is a serious offence, Becca. You knew you were breaking a rule and you did it anyway. Go. Prepare.”

I gulped, but did as I was told. I showered, shaved – everything, made sure everything was cleaned out and open, went into THE room – a spare bedroom we reserve only for maintenance, punishments, or fun sessions. Guess which this one will be! I stood int he corner, my hands behind my back, and waited. I heard him open the door and shut it.

“Since you didn’t bother talking to me before, I don’t want you to speakpulled nipple now.” And with that he gagged me. I hate the gag. It’s so totally demeaning, but he’s right.

“Me. You apparently need reminded that I am your master and you are in my loving care. I will use no implements on you, aside from the gag, and you will feel only me.”

With that, he reached around me and squeezed my  nipples. Hard. Then he pulled. Then twisted. I cried out, as best I could, around the gag. Tears sprang to my eyes and I wanted to beg him to release me. My knees buckled and still he held on, pinching and twisting as he lectured me on why we have rules and reminding me that I had not only agreed to them, but had written this particular rule. I nodded my agreement, tears streaming down my face. I dropped down to my knees, looking up at him, silently pleading.

In his mercy, he released my swollen, hard nipples. He unzipped his pants and I sighed with relief. I was happy to do this. Oh. Wait. I was gagged. I had no idea what to do. Luckily, I didn’t have to think. He finished undressing then sat on the bed, patting his lap. I scurried into position, his hard cock pressed against me. I squirmed my hips and he slapped my ass. Hard. “None of that,” he warned. The wailed on my ass. No warm up. No mercy. Constant, rhythmic spanking. First one cheek, then the other. All the way down my upper thighs. I was kicking, crying, drool drizzling the floor from my gag filled mouth. Finally, I stopped fighting and let the pain overcome me. I slumped against him and simply accetumblr_lyso2zQcHq1qkfpnto1_400pted. Then, he stopped. It was only then that he picked me up, tossed me onto the bed, and filled me with his wonderous cock. My pussy? Absolutely not! This was punishment. He made sure I was good and lubbed then fucked my ass. Again, no gentle easing in, he pounded me. Within a minute he came, filling me with his seed. Quickly, he pulled out and I gasped. I needed to come so very, very badly, but I knew better than to hope for that.

“I am your master. I fill your life,” he said. “You will remember just how much I fill you.”

Oh god. We’d been working up to this for a while, but now, he was going to do it. Now that my back door was opened by his cock and lubbed with both artificial and natural juices, it was time. He first put in three fingers, worked them in and out. In and out. Then four. I bit down on the gag. He murmured encouraging words to me, placed his other hand on my back. I kept shaking my head, but he soothed me with his words and I calmed. Then, I stretched even farther. Five. He had all five fingers in my anus. I knew I was ripping, tearing apart. I just knew it. He pushed deeper, slowly but relentlessly. In and out. Again and again. Then, I couldn’t help it. I exploded. I burst into a million pieces as the orgasm washed over me. I screamed into the gag and heard him laugh. He pulled his fist out and left the room. I heard water running and knew he was washing up. I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t. When he came back in, he gently flipped me over onto my back, my ass tender from the spanking. He removed the gag but forbid me to speak, making sure I understood that if I spoke, the gag would go back on. He kissed me gently and whispered.

“So, that was one hole breached with my fist. Ready for the front door to be opened now?”

And he pressed three fingers into my drenched pussy.

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