Warming Up A Winter Night

So I rush inside the house and head straight for the bathroom, stripping off my out layers as I go. Once that biological need is satisfied, I continue stripping off my scarf, hat, gloves, coat, cardigan, boots, “fat” socks. Next comes the sweater vest and dress slacks. Finally, I take off the bra without removing my long sleeved t-shirt and reach for the yoga pants.

“You don’t need those.”

I look in shock, ready to launch into a Oh yes I do, It’s freaking 9 degrees out there and I’m still cold then I realize Mr. Man has turned up the thermostat, started a fire in the fireplace and filled the living room with candles. Wow. Guess I don’t.

“I have plans for this evening. Why don’t you take off the shirt and lie on the floor.”

Now that might sound like a suggestions, but it’s really an order. I see his green eyes become emeralds and nod my agreement while doing as he suggests.

“I thought you’d be chilled, so I’ve come up with a way to keep you warm.”

As if he needed anything more than his voice to get me hot! I lie on my back, but he shakes he head and directs me to kneel. Then he lifts a candle and, placing the flame close to my nipple, allocandle waxws one drop of wax to drip. Holy Fuck! Even though these are special candles he makes himself so that the melting temperature is low in order to avoid actually burning me, it feels as if my skin is bubbling. I suck in my breath and he laughs. To keep me focused, he only waxes one nipple. He likes contrast. I glance around the room and see a variety of colored candles – all lit. Mr. Man is not wasteful, so I have a pretty good idea of what my night is going to be like. Once he’s satisfied, he has me lie on the plastic covering the floor on my stomach, hands on the back of my head, and goes to work. I gasp, gain a frown when I wiggle too much, and beg for him to touch me (which he denies!) I feel each slowwax drip of hot, then warm wax slide down my body. I become encased in the hardening wax, all the time wanting nothing more than to have my brains fucked out. By now, I’m crying I’m so frustrated. This. This is what he wanted. He LOVES for me to beg. He takes one thin taper, unlit, and runs it over my dripping slit. That’s it! I explode! Trembling, thanking him, gushing my orgasm. He’s laughing the whole time, pleased. When I calm, he turns me over and says

“Ready for round 2?”

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