My Choice

Yes, I am a submissive. Yes, I kneel before my Man. Yes, I yield my power to Him. Yes, I serve him. No, I am not an idiot, not abused, have never been abused, do not suffer from low self esteem, depression, or any other mental illness. I am a strong, intelligent, self supporting woman who has made a conscious choice. I am a feminist. I believe every woman (and man!) has the right to choose the type of life he or she wants. This is the life I choose. I am not demeaned. I am loved, protected, cherished, nurtured, supported emotionally and spiritually, respected, and treasured. I live my own life how I choose. I choose to obey. I choose to submit. I choose to accept him as my loving dominant.

When he wants me to be naked, I am. I see the light in his eyes and the bulge in his pants and I don’t worry about that extra 20 pounds I’m carrying. He tells me to bend over I do, not at all concerned about the dents (cellulite) in my ass. All I care about is hearing him say, “God, I love your ass.”

Yes, I’m a submissive. Yes, I’m VERY happy with MY choice.


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