His for the Day

So we don’t live the 24/7 lifestyle, but every once in a while we will call a D/s Day. Either one of us can call for this day and the other either must agree or have a very good reason by not. Yesterday, I called it. I would be His for the Day – that being from the time we agreed to the time we went to bed.

You sure, he asked, because I’m in a particularly dominating mood. It’s been a few weeks and I will be making up for lost time.

Fair warning. Nonetheless, I smiled happily and nodded. My first order for the day – no big surprise – give him pleasure orally until he came. YES!!!! He actually came quickly, which was a tad bit disappointing, but flattering at the same time. Second order – shower, shave, clean everything. I gulped and said “Yes, Sir.” “Everything” means just that – inside and out. Well, I asked for this and I had been warned, so I obeyed. At least he was letting me self clean. When he insists on giving me an enema, first of all it will not be for pleasure, but for either my punishment, humiliation, or both. I take my time, making sure to do a very thorough job of it. No hair left unshaved, no spot left unclean. By now, I’m horny as hell and want nothing more than for him to fuck my every loving brains out. He knows this, and won’t do it. I go into the bedroom and there he is, almost ready for work. Nope. No fucking for me. I’m disappointed again, and he sees this and smiles. That smile. The one that tells me that I’m in for it.

Third order – position myself over his lap. He’s taking me to work with him (he’s an  the owner of a small accounting firm) and, he informs me as his hands makes hard, fast contact with my upturned ass, He doesn’t want me out of his site without per30.08.2015. - 1mission for any reason today. When I have to use the restroom, I am to ask permission and he will escort me. Whack, whack, whack. When he has to pee, I will escort him. When he finishes peeing, I will use my mouth to clean him (I gasp here and he spanks me harder).
I begin to cry and kick, but he holds me firmly and keeps up the spanking. I will only speak when spoken to. I will obey without question. I will not wear panties. I will ask for nothing, but accept everything. My ass will remain red at all times. Finally, he stops. I’m panting and my ass is on fire. He’s panting and his cock is hard as a rock again. He tells me to stand at the end of the bed and bend over. Whimpering, I do. He touches my slit and laughs at how wet I am. He pushes in a finger, then two, the three. He works me and I beg him to let me come.

Already you’ve forgotten the rules. No asking for anything. Now I’m not only going to deny you orgasm, I’m going to fuck your ass.

I cry again, from frustration, but I’ve learned my lesson and don’t complain. He does as he promises and uses my ass. He doesn’t come again – it’s been too soon, but after ten minutes or so he pulls out, grabs my hair and pushes me into

a kneeling position. I open my mouth and take him without question. I’m not very, very grateful that he ordered the enema. Once he’s satisfied he pulls away, and tells me to dress.  We arrive at office and he greets his assistant, Harry. I say nothing and Harry smirks. He knows what’s going on. I blush and look down. Mister snickers and goes into his office, shutting the door. For an hour or so, he works at his desk and I sit quietly, squirming a bit because my bottom is very tender from both the spanking and the ass fucking. Then, he tells me to come over to the desk, strip out of my clothing, and bend over his desk. Remembering my lesson from earlier, I obey. He opens a drawer and pulls out a jeweled butt plug. He holds it up to me and I open my mouth. Then, he steps behind me, drops his trousers and teases my slit clit with his cock. I moan and he laughs, pleased by my wetness. Finally, finally he fucks my pussy. All 9 inches of him push inside of me and I want so badly to come!! He pulls my hair, forcinass blingg my head back, kisses my neck and gives me permission. I explode. I see stars, moons, planets. Before I’m finished, he pulls out and enters my ass again. He’s fucking it hard and I just keep riding the wave, keeping my lips tight around the metal plug, trying not to scream. His already enormous cock becomes a tad bit bigger, and then he shoots his load deep inside of me. When he finishes, he leans over, pulls out the plug from my mouth, and replaced his dick with it. I hate this. I hate being filled with anything but him. He, however, loves it because it keeps me very horny and open for him.

Looks like the red is fading. I’ll need to fix that before you dress again.

I put my head on the desk, but stay in position. I hate this as well because I know good and well that Harry can hear every crack of Mister’s belt against my ass. Luckily, he only gives me ten lashes. Then, he tells me to get dressed and sit back down.

Three times Mister uses the restroom and three times I clean him with my mouth. Twice I have to go and twice he stands over me while I pee, my face bright red. Before lunFB_IMG_1454827919149ch he again bends me over his desk for a spanking. After lunch, I sit beneath his desk, my mouth on his cock while he goes over some numbers with Harry. I am eternally grateful for the desk because even though Harry is well aware of what I’m doing, at least he can’t see my face which would be as red as my ass. Finally, it’s time to go home. Mister has me sit in the back and as we are out of the parking lot he orders me to strip except for the stockings and to lie on the seat. I am to get myself off by the time we arrive home – which is only a ten minute drive! I do it – but barely. Because the garage is attached, he makes me stay nude as we walk into the house.

And you guessed it, the first thing he does is check the color of my ass and finds it a bit too pale. Once again, I’m over his lap. I’m so tender now that it doesn’t take long for me to begin squirming and crying which pleases him greatly. When he finishes, he orders me on the bed, ass up elevated by two pillows. I hear him moving about and know he is stripping off his clothes. He takes the plug – yes, it’s still in me – and spins it around. Slowly. He tells me that since I’ve been such a good girl (THAT just started up a whole new batch of wetness!) that I could now come as often as I liked. He pushes my legs apart and finally, FINALLY, fucks my pussy. I come. and I come some more. He fucks me until I want to beg for mercy, but I bite my lip to keep from speaking. He spins the plug one last time and eases it out of me. No! I want his cum inside of my pussy! But I’m his for the day and cannot complain. Sure enough, he pulls out of my pussy and enters my ass. His fingers dig into my hips and for the second time that day, he fills me with his cum. He lies beside me when he finishes and pushes my head down. For the second time, I clean his cock after he has used my ass.

He did warn me that he was in a mood to use me roughly. And I’m so very, very grateful for it.



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