Outdoor Consequence

“Walk with me,” King said.

Happily, I slipped into my sneakers and grabbed a sundress.

“No, Love. Just the sneakers. We won’t be going off property.”

I bit my lip and set down the dress. I hate this (but secretly love it). I feel so exceedingly vulnerable even though I know King will always protect me.

We held hands and walked on a wooded trail, enjoying the heat of the spring day. Naturally, I noticed the rucksack King carried, but I asked no questions. I am far too well trained, not to mention eager, to do that.

“Do you remember a few days ago when I got home early? Do you remember what you were doing?”

I stumbled over a stick and nodded.

“Answer, please,” he said quietly.

SHIT!!! “Yes, King,” I murmured. “I was lying on the couch playing with my nipples while I watched my favorite episode of Outlander.”

“You were. And do you remember my expectation?”

“Yes, King. My body, particularly my nipples, pussy, and clit are yours and yours alone. My ass is for you and whomever else you wish to share it with.”

“That’s right, Jenna. And are you allowed to touch yourself whenever you want to?”

I blushed. “No, King. Only with your permission.”

“So, do you deserve a consequence?”

I glanced up at him, bit my lip, and answered honestly. “Yes.”

“Go stand in front of that tree. Hands in front of it. Good. I’m going to handcuff you in place so you will stand still for this first part.”

He then bend his head and sucked on my nipples. He sucked HARD, and dragged his teeth over the sensitive skin. He bit firmly, pulled one nipple taught, then attached a clip to it. Naturally, he repeated the whole procedure, effectively binding me to the tree by my nipples as well as my wrists. My nipples are ridiculously sensitive, so even though they had been clipped for mere seconds, they were already beginning to throb and tears were spilling down my cheeks.

“Pretty,” he decided. “Now back up. That’s it. I want your arms stretched out and that chain tight. Lean down a bit more. Comfortable?”

“No, King,” I gasped. “Not at all.”

“Do you wish to stop?”

“No, I don’t. Thank you for checking.”

He chuckled and I heard him rustling about in the rucksack. He pried my ass cheeks apart and inserted a large glop of lube. He then came around to my face and I saw he was now naked, his cock standing proud.

“Suck,” he commanded.

I opened my mouth and twisted my head. The position was not at all comfortable, but this was a consequence. It wasn’t supposed to be comfortable. After a few minutes, he pulled out and unlocked my wrists. He bend down to look into my eyes and said, “You are in the perfect position. You can hold on to the tree or put your hands on your head. But, if you take so much as one tiny step forward, I’ll handcuff you back in place and beat that beautiful ass of yours with a stick. I’m going to fuck your ass, Jenna. This will cause the chain between your nipples to pull against the tree. I’m going to keep fucking you until you push back with enough strength to free yourself from the clips. It will hurt, but you will do it, won’t you?”

I gulped, “Yes, King.”

He smiled, kissed me, and said, “That’s my girl.”

Okay, so now I HAD to obey. Nothing fires my engines more that those words!

He was not gentle. At All. I was terrified to push back strongly enough to free myself, so it took a good long while. I knew, kind of, that the longer it took, the more it would hurt. but holy gods of all things perfect, nothing in the world felt as good as his cock in my ass. The stretching, the fullness, the slight ache, and the glorious beauty of him taking me in my most private area.

Eventually, I was so lost in the pleasure of his cock that I forgot about the clamps. I pushed back, screamed as the clamps fell to the ground, dug my nails into the tree trunk, and came like I was Claire Fraser when she thought she’d never see Jamie alive again!

“That’s it,” King encourage. “My turn.”

And it was. he exploded inside of me, giving me all of his creamy goodness, shooting it deep inside of me, and blessing me with his forgiveness.

He picked me up once his breathing returned to normal, and carried me to a soft, grass covered area. He gently kissed each swollen, bruised nipple and fingered my puss until I came another three times.

After, he asked, “How are those nipples feeling?”

“Swollen, bruised, and perfect, King,” I answered.

He laughed and said, “Good. Because just for fun, I’m going to clamp them again tonight when I take your pussy. They’ll stay in place until I’ve come inside of you and you’ve sucked my dick clean. I like the idea of having my come in all of your available holes today.”

I paled, knowing he was a man of his word, but my knees went weak and my tender nips hardened with anticipation.

“If that is your command, King, who am I to argue,” I answered.

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