We went into the woods behind our home. It’s very private, being posted, and miles and miles from the city. He had me dress simply. Sandals and a simple dress. Nothing more. We were barely inside the grove when he held out his hand. I slipped the dress over my head and handed it to him. He draped it over a low hanging branch and we continued walking.

A minute later, we came to our favorite clearing and stopped. Before wa- this must have been a moment when one new nothing else but to photograph someone...lking into it, I removed my sandals. I am only never allowed to be clothed in this spot. Never. It feels too sacred for that. Ard Ri’, my High King, also removed his clothing, although he is not required to.

I walked to the center of the circular area and knelt, bowing my head, waiting, clearing my mind.

Will you willingly accept whatever I choose to give you?

“i do.”

Will you use your safeword if you feel the need?

“i will.”

What is it that you ask of me?

i ask that you use my body for your pleasure. i ask that give me the dominance i crave.”

He said nothing, but walked about the clearing while I waited silently. When he was ready He stood in front of me and, without looking up at him, I serviced his cock. This was not the time for sweetness or gentleness. I wanted none of that. Today I craved power, dominance, and demand, all of which he gave me. He fucked my mouth, keeping a strong hold of a handful of hair. When he was ready, he pulled out, yanked my head back, and unleashed his hot cream on my face and breasts.

Again without speaking, he pulled me up and walked me to the edge of the clearing. He pushed my shoulders down, bending me over a fallen tree that had been there so long all the bark had washed away and it was now smooth as polished furniture. We might crave the primitive, but not splinters!

He stood back and I prepared myself. I heard the whoosh then felt the terrible, wonderful sting of the cluster of small branches he had gather. A birching. Minutes later, my bottom was a blossom of exquisite heat as Ard Ri’ continued. I could not stop the tears or the occasional yelp, but I remained in place until every twig he had gather broke to pieces.

You did well. Your ass is a fiery red. You’ll be marked for days.

I said nothing but felt a glow of pride fill my body.

Just looking at you has made me hard again.

And he took meeb02557f7914589ee26571e4efd5e68e. His hand again clutched tightly in my hair, his cock plunging in and out of my drenched pussy. He fucked me a long, long time. I came too many times to count, but because he had already come before my beating, he lasted forever. By the time he finally emptied himself into my tunnel, I it wasn’t only my ass that was swollen and tender.

After, he held me for a while and then, hand in hand, we walked back, holding our clothing, but not bothering to put it back on.

I would like you to stay naked for the rest of the day. I want to see those stripes shift from bright red to pink or maybe black and blue.

“As you wish,” came my answer. I was too happy and fulfilled to deny him anything.










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