Trust in Him

Remember the first time I put you in this bubble?

i do, sir

And you loved it, didn’t you?

i did, sir Do you trust me?

And you still trust me?

More than every, sir

Today, we will have a bit of repeat then. Of course, not everything will be the same. That could get boring. Now, hop in. Good. Yes, I’m coming in with you this time. I’ve manipulated the pulley system so I can control it from the inside. Now, over my lap. Pick a number.

10, sir?

You know that’s too low. I’m going to double it. Ten hard spanks on your ass and ten on your puss. Count.

one ow two ohlord three four five, please sir, six seven, ow eight SIR! nine *sobs* ten *sobs.

Well done. Now, lift your hips and spread your legs wide. No need to count this time. I think you’ll be too busy sobbing. I don’t care how loud you are. We are miles away from civilization.

Oh look how lovely your red puss and ass are. Yes, I know that hurt, but I can also see how you enjoyed it, didn’t you?

sniff* Yes, sir. I did. May I thank you?

Of course, but do not make me come or you’ll be punished again. oh girl. Your mouth was made for my cock. No, no hands. Just your mouth. Perfect. So, so hot. I love how deep you suck me. All the way down your throat. No. No. Do NOT make me come you lovely slut. Kneel back. Good. Now, climb on top. You will ride me. The bubble will swing, adding to the experience.

sir, sir, sir. So Big. Pleasepleaseplease may i come? OW!! NO!!!

Yes. You know not to ask for that. You deserve that spank. Now that my cock is lubed up with your juices, ride it gain, but in your ass this time. Good.

I’m sosorry, sir

You will be. sit up. Go deep. I know you love for me to bite these lovely nips.

I’m so, so sorry!

You just came, didn’t you? You little slut. That’s it. No more puss fucking for you. It will be only your mouth and ass. All. Weekend. Long. No. Clothes. No. coming. without. permission. and No. Oh Jesus. No. More. YES!!!!! Disobedience.

Sir? Thank you. I love when you come in my ass. I truly am sorry i came.

I know, girl. But that won’t stop the punishment I laid out.

I would nope not sir

Come, we’ll leave the bubble for a bit but come back later. I think it’s time for a nice, cold bath. Yes, I know you hate cold water, but you’ll do it for me.

Good. Now that you’re all shivery, this birch will sting even more. That’s it. Hold on the that branch and do not let go. Once your ass is nicely warmed, we’ll head back to the bubble.

Go ahead, cry out if you want. You know how I love your tear streaked face. Five more slices should do it. Perfect. Go on. Walk ahead of me. I want to see my handiwork.

Still trust me?

More than ever, sir.

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