Bed Box – 3

I woke up the next morning, tender in all the right places. I stretched, smelled coffee, and knocked on the closed door of the box.

“Hold on, Love. I’m going to finish my coffee then I’ll help you out and give you your spanking,” Milord called.

I waited, impatiently, because I had to GO!! I also wasn’t particularly looking forward to another spanking. I’d already had three yesterday and my bottom was quite, quite tender. Milord is not one to go easy or gentle just because I’m still feeling the effects of the last spanking! Still, he’s not cruel either.

At least he took the plug out last night. He could easily have made me sleep with it.

The doors open and, without, being told, I get into position. Knowing that I was desperate to pee, Milord gave me just a quick spanking and buckled cuffs around my wrists before I quickly scampered off to relieve myself outside.

It was chilly, the sun barely above the horizon, so I didn’t tarry long. Back inside, I prepared a simple breakfast of oatmeal and raisins then cleaned up the few dishes. After, Milord suggested we take a hike. To my surprise, he also was stripped nude, but wisely carried a blanket with him.

We strolled about for a bit until we came to my favorite tree. It’s simply majestic.

“You know, Milord, we have never made love here,” I mentioned with what I hoped was an alluring smile.

He laughed and said, “And just why do you think I brought the blanket, wench!”

He spread the blanket over the moss covered roots, which may seem idiotic, but the roots grow so far apart that there lies a PERFECT indention where we could lie. Slowly, he made love to me. He didn’t fuck me or spank me or take me. He made sweet love to me.

After we both had come, I sobbed simply from the beauty of the moment, the tangible love between us, and from the joy of such release.

Eventually, we strolled back to the stream and bathed each other in the clear, crisp water. Between the cool water and the slight breeze, my nipples were like freaking bullets and my teeth had begun to chatter.

Milord graciously wrapped me in the blanket.

“Dang it!” he said.

I looked at him, eyebrows raised.

“You’re outside yet I forgot to add a physical reminder,” he explained.

“Oh, well, I guess next time you could add two?” I suggested.

“No, I don’t think so.” By this time we were almost back to the cabin. Rather than going in, though, he grabbed my hand and led me back to where he chops wood. I watched, fascinated, as he opened up his tool box.

Again, he began to hum which made me think he hadn’t really forgotten anything. Sure enough, he held up a carabiner and told me to hold out my wrists. He promptly linked the cuffs together, thankfully, in front of me.

Why is it that being bound ALWAYS makes me super submissive and horny??

“Much better!” he announced. “Now, it’s about lunchtime, so why don’t you go on in the cabin and start heating up some soup.”

I sighed, but did as he said, albeit awkwardly. He sat at the small table and thanked me nicely when I placed the bowl in front of him then added my own to the table. He chatted about stuff ( I really can’t remember) while we ate, me still quite awkward due to my clipped wrists as well as my growing need.

“You’ve suffered enough, Love. Come here and bend over the back of the chair. Just look at how wet you are! I bet some of that is my come that I worked so hard to put up in you, isn’t it? Well, if you don’t like it there, maybe I’d better use the other hole this time,” he murmured, lubing my ass.

I moaned, not caring where he fucked me, just needing to be fucked. He eased himself in and bent over me slightly, reaching around me and pinching my nipples.


“Yes, Milord. Thank you!” I gasped out.

Unlike earlier, there was no gentleness in this taking. He pumped in and out of me with hard, powerful thrusts, pinching my nipples painfully. I loved everything. I came over and over until my knees gave out and I rested my hips uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair back. I begged him, for what I don’t know, but I heard my self murmuring Please and Milord and More over and over again until, finally, he filled me again with his own joy.

As he pumped his cum inside of me he ground out, “Do. Not. MOVE. from this position until I tell you. You WILL keep my cum in you until I ALLOW you to release it.”

oh god I knew what that meant. I panted, but didn’t move once he finished. My nipples where tender and swollen. I so very much wanted to rub them, but kept my bound wrists wresting on the seat of the chair. I moaned and pushed back when I felt the plug enter my ass. It was hard and cold and, once seated, opened, so I KNEW it was the metal tulip plug. I heard Milord lock it open. There was no way in hell that thing would accidentally slip out of loose and well lubricated hole.

“Put your hands flat on the seat, Love, and table your back. I think you probably need a nap now,” he whispered to me.

He was right. I did need a nap. This, of course, meant I’d be back in the bed box and to do that, I’d need another spanking.”

“This time, I want to see marks on you when I let you out. How does my belt sound?” he asked solicitously.

I gulped, but felt another tingling deep in my soul. How? How could I possibly STILL get excited after the events of the morning?

“As you desire, Milord,” I acknowledge.

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