Chastity’s Chastity – part 2

The week Chastity’s Chastity had been frustrating, Chastity had to admit, but not all bad. After George had come down her throat that first day, he had cuddled and kissed her, telling her how amazing she was. She'd dressed, gone to work, virtually forgot all about the damned belt during the day, gone home, fixed … Continue reading Chastity’s Chastity – part 2

Day 18 into the 24/7 life

I slip my dress over my head and smooth it, feeling the metal of my now familiar chastity belt beneath. Ri' has taken away all of my pants and shorts. All I have left are dresses, skirts, and tops. I was not happy about this, but accepted his decision. That had been four days ago. … Continue reading Day 18 into the 24/7 life

Day 8 into the 24/7 life

Of course I rebelled! After five days of being denied an orgasm despite giving him at least two every day I had had enough. I mouth off, yelled, screamed, and clawed at the fucking chastity belt. Ri' just let me dig myself into a deeper and deeper hole. When I finally calmed down, he began … Continue reading Day 8 into the 24/7 life

On becoming a 24/7 lifer

Twenty one days. Twenty one full days of chastity. Twenty one full days of 24/7 lifestyle. Twenty one full days of strict rule following and even stricter punishment. Yes, we are fully aware that it generally takes MORE than 21 days to form a habit, but this is where Ri' has decided we will begin. … Continue reading On becoming a 24/7 lifer

Beautifully Rewarded

So Milord Beautifully tricked me several weeks ago. As a result, I have worn chastity panties - leather with a locked chain for the crotch - since then. Finally when Milord checked my kitty today, he decreed that I could again begin shaving, unless I wanted a repeated waxing. Spring Rules 2018Quickly, I agreed to the shaving … Continue reading Beautifully Rewarded