Rope Bra

D_ZdD5LWwAA7sI4Day 35 of 24/7 lifers

I have asked Ri’ for additional weekend bindings. On weekends, I wear only skirts or dresses and never underclothing or the chastity belt. In this way, I am open to my Ri’ at all times.

It is shocking how sexy and horny this makes me feel!! Nonetheless, I miss the security of the chastity belt.

Ri’ came up with a brilliant idea. A Rope Bra!! This allows my breasts to be free and open for his enjoyment, but gives me a degree of support. It also makes for a perfect tie point if he chooses to bind me to the bed or anything else for that matter! The other day he actually attached a leash to the rope! I thought it would be degrading, but in truth, it was amazing!

Yes, the rope is rougher than a silk bra would be, but not so rough as to mar my skin. Yes it is tight, but no more so than a bra half a size too small.

For right now, Ri’ only ties me into the bra on weekends, but he is considering making me wear one at least one day a week to work. The idea of this both humiliates and excites me. I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I’m willing to try. After all, if I hate it, I will simply tell Ri’ and that will be the end of it.

For right now, though, the roughness and tightness of the rope keeps my nipples hard, which, in turn, keeps HIM hard. It’s a win- win situation!

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