Beautifully Rewarded

So Milord Beautifully tricked me several weeks ago. As a result, I have worn chastity panties – leather with a locked chain for the crotch – since then. Finally when Milord checked my kitty today, he decreed that I could again begin shaving, unless I wanted a repeated waxing. Spring Rules 2018Quickly, I agreed to the shaving as per our Spring Rules! Over the course of the last few weeks, I have not been without sex, simply without orgasm. Milord, naturally, has had plenty!! I has fucked my mouth, my ass, and my tits. He has pleasured himself and sprayed his lovely seed across my body. My poor puss and clit, though, have been abandoned and locked in chastity. Which explains why the very moment Milord brushed my neglected clit with the tip of his majestic cock I exploded, screaming his name. He laughed, completely delighted. Slowly, gently, he entered my long abandoned puss. He nibbled my neck, sucked my nipples, and made love to me with  exquisite gentleness, allowing me to orgasm at will. When he first put me in chastity, he predicted that when I was again allowed to come, the experience would rock my world. As always, Milord was correct. I think, honestly, that I only and one orgasm today. One perfect, mind shattering orgasm that lasted about 40 minutes!!


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