Week of Nips – Conclusion

Week of the Nips – Day 1 Week of Nips – Day 3Days 4 and 5 pretty much followed the same patter as Day 3 WITHOUT the need for punishment, however. Even though we did not eat Chinese food 3 days in a row, the chopsticks were, indeed, utilized all three days.

Day 6 was a treat as Milord decided to be a bit gentler with the nips. I was grateful but strangely disappointed. Rather than clips on the nips, he instead used a combination of suction cups as well as ice. He suctioned them in the morning while taking my ass – I am such a well maintained sub! – and then, every hour or so during the day, he would instruct me to run an ice cube over them for five minutes each. At the end, I had to snap a pic and send it to him.

That night, He applied warmth in for form of HIS MOUTH!!! to them, sucking and nipping until I saw a rainbow of colors and exploded, grinding my dripping puss against him. He did this off and on all evening until FINALLY, he slapped my ass and ordered me into bed where he FINALLY made love to me!

This morning, Day 7, he suctioned the nips and then decorated them with lovely slip on, non-piercing jewels. These were tight enough to stay in place but loose enough not to restrict blood flow, so I was to wear them all day. When he go home, we did our Norm, ending with me swallowing a good dose of his approval.

He helped me to stand, lifted each boob, and kissed each nip. “These are magnificent. I swear the nipples have gotten five times bigger this week.”

I guess so! That would be from swelling as well as constant excitement!

“We are going to Jesse’s house tonight. I put a new dress on the bed for you put that on – and only that – and shoes of your choice,” he commanded.

I liked Jesse. She and her husband/submissive were lovely people, both bi, and both happy to share or watch in equal measure. When I saw the dress, however, I paled. It was completely transparent! EVERY part of my body would be very visible through it.

I closed my eyes, slipped the dress on, looked in the mirror, and thanked every god there was that both we and Jesse had attached garages. My nipples were absolutely INDECENT! Milord wrapped a modest shawl around my shoulders once we were in the car. No need to frighten innocents in other cars!

“Oh, Gregory, you’ve done a marvelous job on these!” Jesse complimented as she peered closely at my breasts. “Are they as sensitive as the look?”

She was asking Milord, not me, so I said nothing as he responded, “Test them out and see.”

She lightly brushed her fingertips over my nipples and laughed as I trembled. “Boy! Check to see how wet your friend is,” she commanded Derek.

He did, much to my embarrassment, and showed her his glistening fingers. Jesse laughed and allowed Derek to suck his fingers clean.

“So, Gregory, do you think she can come just by having her breasts manipulated?” she asked.

Milord sipped his martini and smiled smugly before saying, “I know she can. Lovely, lie on the table. Derek, you may manipulate her tits and nipples in any way you choose. Do not, however, be gentle.”

“Yes, Derek, do that. If you can make her come in less than ten minutes, and with Gregory’s approval, she can suck your cock until you’re ready to come.” Jesse looked over at Milord who nodded his approve.

“Perfect,” he agreed. “When you’re ready to come, pull out and spray over her breasts.”

“Oh Yes!” Jesse shrieked, clapping her hands, “If you fail in the ten minutes or hit her face with your come, I’ll put you in chastity again for a week.”

Derek groaned, but set to work, highly incentivized. Ten minutes? With Milord watching at Derek sucking on one nip through the dress, massaging that same breast with gusto, and squeezing the other nipple between his fingers, it took me maybe 2 minutes! Derek, totally hyped, pressed his cock (much smaller, but still delightful) into my open mouth. Sadly, when he pulled out to spray my breasts, he missed and covered my chin, neck and breasts. Happily, Derek loves to be in chastity as could easily be seen by the gleeful look on his face.

Once home, Milord praised me for being so obedient, but was in no mood for gentleness. He ripped the dress from my body, clamped his mouth onto a breast, and within moments, I was coming again. He fucked me every which way he could, always keeping a hand, a mouth, or a clip on my nipples until I was sobbing and begging him for mercy. Only then did he fill me with his pleasure.

Lying in his arms, I felt safe, proud, and humbled by being owned by such an excellent and caring Dominant.

2 thoughts on “Week of Nips – Conclusion

  1. I love your consistent themes of ownership and trusting submission! I know they often come together with some couples but everytime I read about it it resonates strongly with me.
    How in the world do you keep coming up with new ideas like you do. The credible but exciting scenes and the consistent deep submission in the sub is always awesome even when she slips up and gets her bottom across his lap and soundly spanked. She submits to each punishment graciously.
    All this to say your stories really resonate with this here Dom and I appreciate you for providing them.
    Thanx bunches for this one!


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