Week of Nips – Day 3

They hurt. They feel amazing. I am so focused on my breasts and nipples I am in a constant state of arousal. How on earth can I both dread and eagerly look forward to such torture??? Day 2 was basically a repeat of Day 1 except that I had to clip my nips 3 times with all the magnets each time before Milord came home. He also used the crop on my breasts – not nips – while I was sucking on him and while the clips were on when he came home from work. I tried to scream, but my mouth was full of HIM, so it came out as kind of a gurgled squeal.

Today, he changed things up a bit. The morning began with him fucking my ass, feet on shoulders, twisting my nips with his fingers rather than slapping my breasts. Honestly, is there any better feeling than having your ass fucked and filled in the morning???

After our showers, He again placed clothes pins on my nips and had me suck on him while he finished getting ready for work. He pulled back, kissed my upturned face, and told me that he’d text me when I could remove the pins.

I glanced at the clock. It had been only 10 minutes, but I was already wet. Moaning, I began my morning routine, much slower than usual because I couldn’t NOT think about my nipples. Or my ass, for that matter, which Milord had used beautifully this morning. Just when i was about to give in to temptation and play with myself, my phone buzzed.

“Remove the clips. Rub you tender nips for a bit, but DO NOT MASTURBATE.”


I sat at my computer and became engrossed in my work. At 10:30, I got up to get a fresh cup of coffee and noticed that it had been hours since Milord had texted me. I was surprised based on the previous 2 days. Maybe he had forgotten. Maybe that meant I could conveniently forget his command. So, sitting back at my computer, I reached down between my legs and was in the middle of very lovely fantasy when my phone buzzed again.

“You’d better not be breaking my rule.”

OMFG! How did he ALWAYS know??? We had no cameras in the house as they made me really anxious, but then I thought. Of course he knew. He hadn’t forgotten at all. He was simply playing me!!

“Actually, Milord. I’m sorry.”

No point in lying. Silence. For the rest of the freaking afternoon! By 5:30 I was a bundle of nerves, kneeling in the living room, and waiting his arrival. When he came in, he had me worship his cock as the norm (I ADORE that this is our “normal”!). He Kept me at it for a while My jaws were aching, but I was entranced by his flavor and feel and finally, by the sweetness which spurted down my throat.

“Well done,” he complimented. “Now, time for your punishment. Come on. Into the kitchen. Good. Now, slightly bend over the counter and plop your big tits on the counter. DO. NOT. MOVE.”

I did as he commanded, knowing full well I totally deserved this.

“Did you actually make yourself come?”

“No, Milord,” I whispered. “But I was close.”

“In that case, I’m reducing the number of stripes to four. I originally intended eight, but because you were truthful and didn’t actually come, I’m showing mercy.”

I said nothing as he had not asked a question, but internally, I was thinking him over and over again.

With absolutely no time to absorb the pain between whacks, a narrow rod came down my breasts four times.

My mouth opened but no sound came out. I looked down and four parallel lines decorated my breasts. NOW I was more than grateful for his mercy!

He kissed me, gently patted my ass, and told me not to fuss with dinner. He had delivery on the way. I was to go into the dinning room, sit, and wait for him.

I nodded in acceptance, wiping tears from my eyes. He brought the Chinese food in which we both devoured. I hadn’t noticed the rubber bands on the table until Milord instructed me to wash the chopsticks and bring them back to him. I did so and stood beside him.

I handed them to me and he deftly attached the rubber bands. Next, he eased them apart in the middle and inserted my nipples between them. I screamed. He laughed.

He kissed me then pressed me down on the the table, my nipples barely brushing against the tablecloth. He ran a finger down my slight and laughed again. I was DRIPPING wet!

He eased his cock inside of me and slowly, gently, began to rock back and forth until I screamed again. FUCK ME, FOR GOD’S SAKE! Luckily, he did so, fucking me for all I was worth. I came over and over again, losing count until I fell against the table top, squishing my already clamped nipples against the table. He, naturally, didn’t come again after having just blessed my mouth an hour before. He was, though, keeping a close eye on the time.

Ten minutes later, he pulled out, much to my distress, and removed the torturous home made clamps, sucking each one into his warm mouth before releasing them. Later, we cuddled on the couch for a few hours, him fondling my breasts, until we finally went to bed.

So far, I’m having a love/hate relationship with this week, but I really think that love will win in the end.

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